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FedEx Service Codes


If you're registered with FedEx to receive live shipping rates, please note that in order to provide live rates to your customers, all active FedEx shipping methods in your store must be properly configured with their respective FedEx Service Codes.

By default, these service codes are programmed into your store's shipping database. However, if you have modified your FedEx shipping methods from their original settings, it is recommended to review the proper service codes for your store's default FedEx shipping methods.

Note that shipping methods without the correct Service Code assigned to them will not be able to obtain live rate information from FedEx’s shipping rate servers. See the following table for the service codes for your store's default FedEx settings:

Shipping Method Name Service Code
FedEx Ground® (Business addresses only) FEDEXGROUND  
FedEx Home Delivery® (Residential addresses only)   GROUNDHOMEDELIVERY
FedEx 2Day®   FEDEX2DAY
FedEx Standard Overnight®   STANDARDOVERNIGHT
FedEx Priority Overnight®   PRIORITYOVERNIGHT
FedEx First Overnight®   FIRSTOVERNIGHT
FedEx International Ground®  FEDEXGROUND
FedEx International Economy® INTERNATIONALECONOMY
FedEx International Priority®    INTERNATIONALPRIORITY
FedEx International First®  INTERNATIONALFIRST
FedEx 1Day® Freight    FEDEX1DAYFREIGHT
FedEx 3Day® Freight   FEDEX3DAYFREIGHT
FedEx International Priority® Freight       INTERNATIONALPRIORITYFREIGHT

Note that you can manually set the service code for any shipping method within your store:

  1. Go to Settings > Shipping in your Admin Area.
  2. Under Live Rates, click on the FedEx method you wish to modify.
  3. Scroll down to Advanced Settings and expand the section.
  4. Type the new service code into the Service Code field, then save.

Volusion recommends against deleting records from you store's Shipping table. Instead of deleting them, simply deactivate any shipping methods you don't want to use by deselecting the Active checkbox in the Shipping Methodstable.