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How to Read Your Monthly Volusion Payments Statement


At the beginning of each month, merchants who use Volusion Payments receive a mailed statement detailing the previous month's deposit activity and associated processing fees.

Click on the image below for an annotated Volusion statement.


Card Type Codes used in Volusion statements:

  • DISC: Discover Card
  • DSBS: Discover Business Card
  • DDBT: Discover Debit Card
  • DSPM: Discover Premium Card
  • DCOR: Discover Core Card
  • VISA: Visa Card
  • VIBS: Visa Business Card
  • VDBT: Visa Debit Card
  • VISP: Visa Signature Preferred Card
  • VINF: Visa Infinite Card
  • VIPL: Visa Platinum Card
  • VISG: Visa Signature Card
  • MCEB: MasterCard Enhanced Business Card
  • MCHV: MasterCard High Value Card
  • MC: MasterCard
  • MCBS: MasterCard Business Card
  • MDBT: MasterCard Debit Card
  • MCWC: MasterCard World Card
  • MWEL: MasterCard World Elite Card
  • MCEC: MasterCard Enhanced Consumer Card
  • MCBW: MasterCard World Business Card
  • MBWE: MasterCard World Elite Business Card
  • MCCW: MasterCard World Corporate Card
  • MCWE: MasterCard World Elite Corporate Card