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How to Accept Payments With PayPal Express


Making the checkout process as easy as possible for customers can increase sales and reduce abandoned carts. With Volusion's PayPal Express integration, your customers will enjoy a quick and seamless checkout experience. You can even customize the PayPal Express checkout pages with your store logo and colors.

PayPal Express is available to stores that use one of the six default PayPal currencies: USD, AUD, GBP, EUR, CAD, or JPY.


Getting Started

In order to use PayPal Express with your Volusion store, you'll need a PayPal business account. If you haven't already, sign up for PayPal Express and follow the prompts to create a business account. You can upgrade an existing PayPal personal account or create a new, separate account for business purposes.

Once you've registered and set up your PayPal business account, view your API credentials and copy or write them down. You'll need this information when integrating PayPal Express with your Volusion store.

Volusion Integration

To integrate your PayPal Express account with Volusion, follow the steps outlined below:

  1. Go to Settings > Payment in your Admin Area and select the More Payment Types tab. article/using-paypal-express-volusion-camera show image- volusion integration-more payment types
  2. Select PayPal, then select the Express Checkout option. article/using-paypal-express-volusion-camera show image- volusion integration- paypal express checkout
  3. Enter your PayPal API Username, API Password, and Signature (click here to view this information in PayPal). article/using-paypal-express-volusion-camera show image- volusion integration- username api password signature
  4. Click Save.

Your Volusion store is now integrated with your PayPal Express account.

How it Works

The PayPal Express checkout process is quick and easy for your customers:

  1. When a customer is ready to pay, they click Check Out with PayPal in their shopping cart. If your store does not allow anonymous checkouts, they'll be prompted to log in before proceeding. article/using-paypal-express-volusion-camera show image- how it works-check out with paypal
  2. Next, they log in to their PayPal account; if they haven't used PayPal Express before, they'll need to agree to the terms and conditions. Note that customers must have or create a PayPal account in order to check out. article/using-paypal-express-volusion-camera show image- how it works- paypal login
  3. The customer confirms their Shipping Address and Payment Method and clicks Continue. article/using-paypal-express-volusion-camera show image- how it works- confirm shipping payment method
  4. Their address and payment info are automatically populated on the checkout page. article/using-paypal-express-volusion-camera show image- how it works- one page checkout
  5. The customer chooses a Shipping Method and clicks Place Order.
  6. Their payment is made to your PayPal business account and they receive an Order Confirmation. article/using-paypal-express-volusion-camera show image- how it works- order confirmation

You can view orders placed through PayPal Express in your Admin Area at Orders > Process Orders. article/using-paypal-express-volusion-camera show image- how it works- process orders


If a customer selects the This is a Gift option, they'll be prompted to enter any relevant gift information after they click Continue on the PayPal screen, but before they're directed to the checkout page.

Processing PayPal Express Orders

Orders placed via PayPal Express will be logged in your Admin Area along with all your other orders. Please note that customer billing and shipping information for PayPal Express orders cannot be updated from the Order Details page.

Order notes entered in PayPal or on the one-page checkout will appear in the Order Notes section.

PayPal Express orders will show a Debit record in the Payment Log section as "Paid Via - PayPal Express." article/using-paypal-express-volusion-camera show image- processing paypal express orders- paid via paypal express

You'll see a TransID and a button to refund the entire order, if needed. See the Refunds section below for more information. You also have the option to Add Offline Payment in the Payments & Credits section, if necessary.

Issuing Refunds

You can issue full refunds from the order details page in your Admin Area by clicking Refund in the Payment Log section.

If you need to issue a partial refund, you'll need to do so directly from your PayPal Express account.

Keep in mind that eCheck payment refunds may be delayed by PayPal. Additionally, PayPal may choose to audit a transaction, which may also result in delays. Delayed refunds will show as successful in your Volusion Admin Area, but PayPal may reach out to you directly using the contact information you provided them on signup if there are any issues with the refund.

PayPal Express vs. PayPal Standard*

For most merchants, PayPal Express is the better option. Integrated order and payment processing provides a more seamless checkout experience for customers.

Common Questions and Troubleshooting

Estimated Shipping Discrepancies

Customers won't choose their shipping method until they return to your store's one-page checkout. PayPal Express will give an approximated order total based on the order amount and estimated tax and shipping, but the final amount won't be calculated until they choose a shipping method. Customers will see their updated order total on the one-page checkout before they finalize their order.

PayPal Account Required

Note that customers must have or create a PayPal account in order to check out using PayPal Express on your store.

Using PayPal Pro and PayPal Express Together

You can use PayPal Pro and PayPal Express with the same Volusion store, but you cannot use the same PayPal Business account for both your PayPal Pro credit card gateway and your PayPal Express payment method.

PayPal Pro requires you to use API Certificate to integrate with Volusion, but PayPal Express requires you to use API Signature. Because PayPal does not allow both API methods on a single PayPal Business account, you will need to have two PayPal Business accounts in order to use PayPal Pro and PayPal Express together in the same store.

PayPal Express and Recurring Billing Products

Note that PayPal Express cannot be used if a customer has a recurring billing or subscription product in their cart – they will receive an error message that says "PayPal Express Checkout Unavailable."

You can customize this message by going to Design > Site Content, choosing PageText from the Article Group menu, and Searching for “PayPal”.  Find the corresponding PageText ID number, edit the message to your liking, and click Save.

Purchase Orders and Auto Drop Shipping with PayPal Express

POs are not automatically generated at any point by orders placed using PayPal Express. You will need to manually generate the drop-ship PO by selecting the Apply to All Items Regardless of Status check box and clicking Go in the Drop Ship section of the order details page.

Product Keys and PayPal Express

Product Keys are not automatically generated for orders placed via PayPal Express. You must manually send product keys by clicking Complete Order or by selecting Product Keys from the Email menu and clicking Resend.

Insecure Content Warning on Customer Checkout Page

When you customize your PayPal Express checkout page (in your PayPal Express account), make sure your logo image and banner image links use the "https" (encrypted) protocol. If your images use the non-secured "http" protocol, customers may see a security warning during checkout. To learn more, see our article on Resolving Insecure Content on Secure Pages.

Keep in mind that in order to have your images encrypted, you must have an SSL certificate installed on your store.

PayPal Express Orders Awaiting Payment

PayPal occasionally flags suspicious orders based on their fraud protection standards. When this happens, funds will remain under review until PayPal processes the payment. Once payment is processed, the IPN (Instant Payment Notification) will be sent back to your Volusion store and the order’s status will change from Awaiting Payment to Processing.

Transaction Limits

PayPal Express imposes a limit of $10,000 per transaction. Customers will be unable to check out with PayPal Express if their order total exceeds $10,000.

PayPal Bill Me Later Service

The Bill Me Later functionality is not compatible with your store's order processing system. If a customer chooses Bill Me Later, no order will be created in your Volusion store. We recommend disabling this feature when using PayPal with Volusion.

Using PayPal Express as Only Payment Option

If you offer PayPal Express as the only payment option on your storefront, it's possible for customers to land on your one-page-checkout and not see any available payment options (since the PayPal Express button is on the shoppingcart.asp page).

To ensure that your customers get to PayPal Express no matter which button they click from the shoppingcart.asp page, you can create a redirect using one of the following scripts. The below redirect will send customers directly to PayPal Express to complete their orders when they click Proceed to Checkout or Login & Checkout.

This option should only be used if you offer PayPal Express as your only payment method.

Remember to back up your template before making any changes to it. Please keep in mind that this script is provided as a courtesy and is to be used as-is. The Volusion Support team will not be able to offer any technical assistance or troubleshooting.

Inserting the JavaScript Code for PayPal Express Checkout

Go to Design > File Editor in your Admin Area and insert the following code into the template_xx.html file:

/* Volusion PayPal Express ONLY script. Use only if your only payment method is PayPal Express! 4/30/13 */
(function ($, w, undefined) {
$(function () {
if (PageName() === 'shoppingcart.asp') {
var ppbtn = $('[name="imagePayPal"]');
if (/action=ppe/.test(w.location.href)) {;
$('#v65-checkout-login-button-cell [name="ReturnTo"]').val('shoppingcart.asp?action=ppe');
$('[name="btn_checkout_guest"]').click(function () {;
return false;
})(jQuery, window);

Be sure to click Save once you've added this script to your template file.

Now, when customers click Proceed to Checkout or Login & Checkout, they’ll be taken directly to PayPal Express to complete their order just as they would be if they clicked Checkout with PayPal.

PayPal Express on the Shopping Cart Page

Currently the PayPal Express payment option can only be configured to display on the Shopping Cart page of your store (/shoppingcart.asp). The PayPal Express payment option does not appear on the checkout page (/one-page-checkout.asp) alongside other payment methods.


To learn more about PayPal Express or to sign up for an account, visit

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