The Volusion App

Monitoring store activity can be a challenge for today's on-the-go business owners. With the free Volusion app, it's easy to keep a pulse on store trends no matter where you are. You'll be able to view orders, check inventory levels, and stay connected to your store's performance - all from your mobile device.

Downloading the Volusion App

The Volusion app is currently available in US, Canadian, and Australian app stores, and will be available for other countries in the near future. You can download the Volusion app from your device's primary app store (Apple iTunes or Google Play) by searching for the word "Volusion," then selecting the app that uses the Volusion logo. Show

Once your download is complete, launch the Volusion app to access your store's Admin Area.

Logging In with the Volusion App

To log in to your Admin Area:

  1. In the Store URL field, enter the domain name or temporary URL for your storefront. Show
  2. Enter the login credentials for your admin account in the Email Address and Password fields. Show
  3. Tap Sign In.

By default, Keep Me Signed In is selected. This setting is recommended for single-store merchants who plan to use the app frequently. If you use the Volusion app to access multiple admin accounts or stores throughout the day, you may wish to deselect this option. Show

Once you've used the Volusion app to log in with more than one account, the app will remember previous logins for easy access in the future. To use a previous login:

  1. Tap the Recent Stores icon to the right of the Store URL field. Show 
  2. In the Recent Stores list, look through the login records for the URL and username you want to use again. Show
  3. Choose your preferred login credentials from the list, and the app will fill in the Store URL and Email Address fields on the login screen.
  4. Enter your admin password in the Password field.
  5. Tap Sign In.

Using the Volusion App

The Volusion app helps you monitor recent order activity, low stock alerts, product information, and more.

When you log in to the app, the first screen that displays is the Dashboard. To view other pages, tap the Features menu in the upper left corner. Show


Much like the Dashboard in your Admin Area, this screen displays an overview of the most recent store activity. Show

Note that if you see a "No Access" notification under any section of the Dashboard, your admin account may not have permission to view all pages.


This section of the Dashboard shows the number of orders and total revenue for a specific time period. Once you've tapped Orders or Revenue, you can view data for the current day, the last 7 days, or the last 90 days.

If order data is available for the current day, week, or month, selecting each time range shows a chart for the data. Show


This section shows the Low Inventory list, which notifies you of any items in your store that have a low stock count. Tapping the filter arrows next to Product Name sorts the list by title in ascending or descending order; tapping the arrows next to Stock sorts the list by ascending or descending stock count. Show

When none of your products have low stock, you'll see a notification that says "Product inventory levels are good." Show

If you see a "No Low Inventory Alarm Set" notification, you may not have any products configured with a Stock Low Qty Alarm. Show  For more information about this feature, see our main article on Products.

Note that if you see a "No Access" notification on the Alerts page, your admin account may not have permission to view products.


Top Products 

The Top Products page displays the five products that were most frequently purchased in your store within a selected time range. The data displays in an easy-to-read pie chart and lists the total revenue for each item. You can select to view Top Products for the current day, week, or month. Show

For stores that haven't received any orders yet, a "No Top Products" notification displays on this page. Once you've sold products, you'll be able to see charts reflecting the related data.

Top Search Terms

The Top Search Terms page displays the 10 most common search terms that customers use on your storefront. Show

If you see a "No Search Terms Available" notification, be sure that you've enabled any relevant search variables and that your storefront has a visible search bar. For more information, see our articles on Search and Search Refinement Variables and Your Storefront Search Tool.


You can access the Alerts section from your Dashboard, or from the Features menu. For a recap on how this feature works, see the explanation of Alerts in the Dashboard section of this article.


The Orders section shows a list of all orders in your store. To view a subset of orders, tap the funnel icon (Android) or the arrow (iPhone) near the top of the page. You can choose to view orders with statuses of New, Shipped, Backordered, Payment Declined, and more. Show

Tapping on an order from the list displays additional details for that order:

  • Tap Addresses to view billing and shipping information for the order. Show
  • Tap Payment to view the status and method of payment used on the order. Show
  • Tap Line Items to view a list of the items on an order, as well as their quantities and the total due. Show
  • Tap Tracking to view any tracking numbers related to shipped orders, as well as the shipment method and date. Show

Note that if you see a "No Access" notification on the Orders page, your admin account may not have permission to view orders.


The Products section shows a list of all products in your store, including each product's Name and Stock. Show

To view additional information, tap a product's name from the list. Here you can view the product's price, stock count, and images. Show

If you've assigned a description, categories, or options to the product in your Admin Area, this information will display under the appropriate headings. Otherwise, you'll see the words "Not Defined."

Note that if you see a "No Access" notification on the Products page, your admin account may not have permission to view products.


The Help section provides further documentation for the Volusion app. Show

  • Tap Feedback to rate the app or email us with a question.
  • Tap FAQs for further information about using this app.
  • Tap About for an introduction to the benefits of the Volusion app.
  • Tap EULA to view a copy of the End User License Agreement for this app.
  • Tap Privacy Policy to view a copy of the Volusion Privacy Policy.
  • Tap Terms to view a copy of Volusion's Terms of Service.

Logging Out of the Volusion App

To log out of the app on an Apple device:

  1. Tap the Features menu icon in the upper left corner of your screen. Show
  2. Next to your store name at the top of your screen, tap the Settings icon. Show
  3. Tap Sign Out.

To log out of the app on an Android device:

  1. Tap your device's menu button at the bottom of your screen. Show
  2. Tap Sign Out. Show