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Volusion UPS Worldship Export Tool User Guide


With the UPS Worldship Export Tool, you can import your UPS shipping information into the UPS Worldship application to easily share shipping information between your Volusion shopping cart and UPS's software using both UPS and Volusion's API.

For information on how to export store data for use with UPS Worldship, see Export for UPS Worldship.


Getting Started

The Volusion UPS Worldship Auto XML Import application is a free, open-source application available for download at

Application Requirements

The Volusion UPS Worldship Auto XML Import application is designed for use with Microsoft Windows XP or later.

The Volusion UPS Worldship Auto XML Import Application is a Microsoft .Net-based application. You must have Microsoft's .Net Framework version 2.0 for this program to function. Note that this version is required in addition to any later version. For example, if you have V3.0 installed, you must also have Version 2.0 installed.

Please visit for more information.

The UPS Worldship Export application also requires database drivers provided by Microsoft Access 2007. It is recommended that you install Access 2007 before running this program.

Additionally, as this application uses the Volusion API, it will only function for stores that have access to the Volusion API (Pro, Premium, Gold, and Platinum plans). This application is not supported for use with previous versions of Volusion.

Installing the Application

Once the Volusion UPS Worldship Auto XML Import application has been downloaded, click on the .zip file to un-archive the application's installation file. The archive will contain the following directory:


In this directory, navigate to UPS auto import\setup and double-click the Setup icon to launch the application's installation process.

Choose which directory to install the application in. By default, the application will be installed in:

C:\Program Files\Volusion, Inc\Volusion UPS Worldship Auto Import\.

Note that you should install this program on the same computer workstation as your UPS Worldship is installed on. Both applications will need to be present on the same Windows-based computer in order to communicate with one another. Show

Once the installation is complete, navigate to the directory where the program was installed and find the UPS_auto_import program file. Note that you must run the application as an administrator.

Run as Administrator

In order for the application to function correctly, you must run the application as a computer administrator. In Windows XP, right-click on the application and select Run As, then select an administrator (Note that for Windows XP, it may be necessary to uncheck the option labeled Protect My Computer and Data From Unauthorized Program Activity).

In Windows 7, right-click on the application and select Run as Administrator, then click Yes on the UAC (User Access Control) window.

Configuring the Application

Upon initial launch of the application, you'll need to configure it to access your store as well as your UPS's Worldship application.

Once the program has launched, you'll be greeted with the main UPS Auto Import terminal screen and given two options. If you're a first-time user, you'll need to click the Settings option to configure this application to interface with your store and UPS software.

On the configuration screen, configure the following parameters:


This field should contain your store's domain name.


Here, enter the primary administrator email address for your store. Note that this is also the user name the primary administrator uses to log in with.

Encrypted Password

Enter the encrypted password string for your store. To find your password:

  1. Go to Inventory > Import/Export. Show
  2. Click the Volusion API tab. Show
  3. Click on the Get Help button, then click on the Volusion API Integration Help link at the bottom of the page. Show
  4. Click the URL With Query String and General Information for Importing and Exporting header. Show
  5. At the bottom of the dialog box, you'll see text beginning with:


and ends with:




The character string between these two values is the encrypted password for your store's primary administrator account. Show

  1. Copy this value and enter it into the appropriate field in the import tool.


The following fields are automatically configured

UPS Worldship XML Auto Import File Folder

This field should contain the path to the UPS Worldship application's auto import XML file. This is a file generated by Worldship. Volusion's software requires access to this directory in order to read and write to the XML file so it can import shipping information from Volusion into Worldship.

Note that this field will be automatically populated with the default directory path to this file within UPS Worldship. If you've installed Worldship to a disk or directory different from the default directory path provided by Worldship, you'll need to enter the correct path to your Worldship installation's auto import XML file here.

Open Shipments Schema File

This field contains the directory path of where the Volusion application's .xdr file will be stored. This file is necessary for the Volusion/UPS Worldship integration to work. This file must be contained within the same application folder as the Volusion UPS Worldship Auto XML Import Application.

Shipping Database

This field contains the directory path of where the Volusion application's Microsoft Access 2007 database file will be stored. This file is necessary for the Volusion / UPS Worldship integration to work and will be automatically created once this application is initially run.

This file must be contained within the same application folder as the Volusion UPS Worldship Auto XML Import Application. Again, if this application has been installed to a directory other than the default location, please update this field accordingly.


Configuring UPS and Volusion Shipping Methods

Once the above fields within have been configured, you'll be required to define your Volusion UPS shipping method IDs and corresponding shipping method names within UPS Worldship. This action is necessary in order for the application to match your store's active UPS shipping methods with the equivalent methods as they are reported within Worldship.

Follow these steps to configure UPS shipping method IDs and names within this application:

  1. In the Settings dialog under the UPS Shipping Methods header, enter the ID number of an active UPS shipping method within your store into the ID field.
  2. In the Shipping Method Name field, enter the corresponding UPS shipping method name as it is referenced within Worldship and click Save. Each shipping method ID and method name combination will be added to the program's integration files.
  3. Repeat this process for each UPS shipping method that will be active in your store.
  4. Once you've completed this process, click the Save Changes button.

The following table lists UPS service types and corresponding Volusion IDs, as well as the service codes used by UPS Worldship. Note that these are default values - if you've made changes to any of these values, use the new values instead of the ones listed here.

Note that not all UPS service types come pre-configured in your store.

Service Name

Volusion ID

Worldship Service Code

Next Day Air Early AM 708 1DM
Next Day Air 707 1DA
Next Day Air Saver 706 1DP
2nd Day Air AM 705 2DM
2nd Day Air 704 2DA
3 Day Select to the US 703 3DS
Ground 701 GND
LTL Express NA FTX
LTL Standard NA FTS
Worldwide Express Plus 712 EP
Worldwide Express 711 ES
Worldwide Expedited 709 EX
Standard 702 ST
Worldwide Saver NA SV

For Shipping Origins Outside the United States, These Shipping Methods will be Available

Express Plus NA EP
Express Early AM NA XDM
Express NA ES
Expedited NA EX
3 Day Select to the US 703 3DS
Standard to the US 702 ST
Standard 702 ST
Worldwide Express Plus 712 EP
Worldwide Express 711 ES
Worldwide Expedited 709 EX
Worldwide Saver NA SV


Note that once you've configured your service types, they'll be listed in the large text field on the application's Settings screen. To remove a service type, select it from this list and click Remove.

Running the Application

Once the UPS Worldship Auto XML Import application is configured, you can run it by launching the program and clicking the Import button on the application's terminal window. After an import is finished, the terminal window will be populated with status messages based on the different actions and processes the application executes while it imports date from Volusion to Worldship. Show

Note: This application will only import order information into Worldship for open orders (orders not already marked as Shipped) that were placed using any of the UPS methods configured in the Volusion import tool. Once the application has completed the import process successfully, you'll have information from any open UPS-based orders within your store available within UPS Worldship. You can then launch Worldship and process your orders.

In Windows XP, right-click the application and select Run As and select an administrator (it may be necessary to uncheck the option labeled Protect my computer and data from unauthorized program activity).

In Windows 7, right click the application and select Run As Administrator. Click Yes on the UAC (User Access Control) window.

Additional Information

Error Messages

When running the application, you may encounter error messages such as "The system cannot locate the resource specified." Errors of this type refer to issues with the application being unable to find one or more of the files necessary for the Volusion-to-UPS integration.

The most likely source of these errors would be one or more of the file paths defined within the application's Settings dialog box being incorrect. Make sure the file paths listed in the fields within the Settings dialog are correct.

Having confirmed this, further error message regarding missing resource files may refer to a corrupt .accdb file. You may have to delete the existing file, relaunch the import tool, and redefine the UPS shipping method IDs and names as explained above.

After the Import

Once the import has run and users have processed their open orders within UPS Worldship, you'll need to update information for those orders within Volusion W09. To do this, update the orders manually within each order, or if you have a large number of orders, you can export this information from Worldship and import it into your store.

Once the UPS Worldship End of Day function has been executed, you can export data from UPS Worldship to a CSV file (see Worldship documentation for more information). This CSV file can be imported with the Import/Export functions in your Admin Area. See Import/Export for more information.

Source Code

This application is open source, meaning you can download and modify this application as you see fit. Note that Volusion does not provide any support in external development of this application or in implementing its source code in any way.

The source code and binaries can be accessed within the archive that is contained within the initial ups_worldship_auto_xml_import file downloaded from the Volusion website.

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