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Gift Registry Integration


With the Gift Registry feature, your customers can add items to thier account. With Wishpot, customers can add items from many different online retailers to organize and build their own registry.

Activating Gift Registry

  1. Go to Inventory > Products in your Admin Area.
  2. Select All Products Settings from the Settings menu.
  3. Select Enable Add To Registry Button and click Save. Show

How Customers Use the Gift Registry

After enabling Gift Registry, the product pages on your storefront will include a new button labeled Add to Registry. Show

  1. When a customer clicks Add to Registry, they'll see the Wishpot login box. Show
  2. From here, the customer can log in to their Wishpot account or create one by following the prompts. Show
  3. If the customer is already logged in to their Wishpot account, they'll see the Product Info box. Show
  4. The Wishpot system generally uses the first image on the page, which in many cases will be the product's image, but if not, the customer can choose an alternate image by clicking See More Pictures Show, then choosing the image they want to save in their registry. Show
  5. Next, the customer enters any information they want to including for the product, and which registry or wish list they want to save the item to. Show
  6. They can also set a priority for their item. Show
  7. When finished, they'll click Add Show, then they can keep browsing on your site, share the item, share their list, share on social networking sites, or view their list. Show

If the customer chooses View My List, they'll be redirected to where they can share their registry with others, sort their lists, rate their items, delete and edit items, and purchasd items. Visit for more information.

Keep in mind that Wishpot is a third-party registry system and Volusion is not responsible for the data wishpot pulls from your store.

The Gift Registry feature is separate from the Volusion Wish List function. To learn more, see our Wish List Features article.

Purchasing and Reserving Items at

How Customers Make a Purchase from their Registry

When customers view their registry on, they'll see a Buy It button to the right of the item they added Show. When clicked, this button will redirect you to the product page on the store from which the item was added.

How a Guest Makes a Purchase from the Customer's Registry

  1. When a guest visit's someone else's registry on, they'll see a Buy It button to the right of the items on the registry Show. When clicked, a pop-up window will be displayed to reserve the item. Show
  2. If they aren't logged in to, they'll be asked to log in or create an account.
  3. Then they can use the Mark as Reserved link to reserve the item Show.
  4. Once reserved, the guest will be redirected to the registry list and a new pop-up will display to confirm their reservation. Show The Reserve function is handy if the guest wishes to purchase the product at a later time so other guests will know that the item is reserved to be purchased. If they change their mind, they will need to unreserve the gift from your list Show.

Please Note: A reservation does not eliminate the option for another gift shopper to purchase the item, however when an item is reserved it is highlighted and displays the Reserved status.

Registry guests will receive an email confirmation for their reservation with a link to buy the item. Show

Once someone reserves an item on a registry list, the customer will be able to view those items by clicking the Reserved Items tab in their Wishpot account Show. They will not be able to see who reserved the gift.

After the guest clicks on the Buy It button, they are sent to the product page on the storefront (your storefront, if it is one of your products) where the product is for sale.

If you have any questions on how to use or purchase from, there are helpful FAQ articles on their site, as well as a Help Page.

Notes Gift Registry

  • Any desired options should be written in the notes section on the registry when the customer adds an item. This can include color, size, flavors, etc.
  • The Wishpot Registry will not pickup affiliate information from your store. This means that if a customer reaches your site using an affiliates link and then uses the registry, the affiliate will not receive commission when the item is purchased. There is a work around if you use Google's Affiliate system. Please refer to Wishpot's article on how to integrate your account.
  • The registry is not compatible with items using the Multi Child Add To Cart feature.
  • The integration with Wishpot is one way only. Wishpot does not communicate information back to your store.
  • The registry is an integration with a third-party software - not a built in functionality of Volusion. Volusion support cannot troubleshoot issues within the Wishpot system.