Coupon Codes

When you create a discount for your store, you have the option of making it a coupon by specifying a coupon code required to activate the discount:

On the checkout page, shoppers must type in whatever value you chose in the Coupon Code field:

 This field displays on all new stores by default, but if it doesn't appear for you:

  1. Log in to your Admin Area.
  2. Go to Settings > Config Variables.
  3. In the Filter drop-down menu above the table, select Checkout variables.
  4. In the Enable Coupon Codes row, select the Value check box.
  5. Click Save.

You can then provide the coupon code to your customers by any means that you like (for example, through a newsletter). Note that coupon codes are not case-sensitive; your customers will be able to redeem a specific coupon code whether they type in all caps or lowercase letters. However, coupon codes cannot contain special characters or punctuation (such as % and $), or they'll cause errors when shoppers attempt to redeem them.

For more information on coupon configuration options and coupon code considerations, see Coupons / Discounts Settings.