How to Use Your Store's Knowledge Base

The Knowledge Base (KB) is your store's information center, and a great place to store and manage information your customers might be looking for: product care instructions, FAQs, how-to articles, and just about anything else you want.

You can manage all of your Knowledge Base content in your Admin Area, which contains a central depository of articles, article categories, and keywords that can be indexed and searched for.

The main benefit of a knowledge base is that it provides a searchable database of information for both your internal staff and your customers. If customers know they can find a library of useful resources in your Knowledge Base, it gives them one more reason to visit your store!

You can access your store's main knowledge base page by visiting the following URL:

Be sure to replace "" with your actual domain name. You may also want to create a link to your Knowledge Base on your storefront so customers can access it directly.

For KB articles that you don't want to be viewable by the public, simply mark them as Private. Private articles are only accessible by administrators who are currently logged in to the store.

To learn how to use your Knowledge Base, see the complete Knowledge Base user guide.