How to Add a New Administrator Account

Creating additional administrator accounts for your Volusion store is simple. You must be logged in to your Volusion store as the primary administrator (Super Admin) to be able to fully create new administrator accounts and assign privileges. Typically, this will be the administrator account that was automatically created by Volusion when your store was first opened.

Creating a New Administrator Account

  1. While logged in to the Super Admin account, go to Customers >Administrators.
  2. Click Add.
  3. From the Access Key menu, select Administrator.
  4. Enter the new administrator's email address in the Email Address field.
  5. Define a secure password for the new administrator.
  6. Fill in the rest of the fields as required (such as First Name, Last Name, Address, etc.).
  7. Click Save to create the new account.

Assigning Privileges

Once the new account for the administrator is created, you must set up the exact privileges for this administrator. You can "fine-tune" the access by table and view, so that administrators responsible for a specific part of your store cannot view tables or perform tasks in other areas.

  1. Once a new administrator account has been created, a new link will appear immediately above the Email Address field called Edit Cust# Access Rules.
  2. Clicking the link will display the database tables and admin sections within your Volusion store to which an administrator can be granted access. See Admin Access Rules for a full list of the sections in your Admin Area that you can give access to. If privileges are not assigned to the new administrator, they will be unable to do anything more than log into the administration area.
  3. To allow the new administrator full access to the entire administration area, return to the Customer Management page and check the Is Super Admin check box under the Special Privileges section.
    For security reasons, we advise that you exercise caution in allowing other administrators this full access.

Note that when you create a new administrative account, the email address is not notified automatically.


Once these steps are complete, the new administrator account will be ready for use within your Volusion store. Please remember that in order to completely create and assign access rights to new admin accounts, the account must be created by the store's Super Admin. Once the account is created by the Super Admin, it can then have access rights assigned.