How to Change Website Colors

You may want to put a fresh coat of paint on your storefront from time to time. Whether you need to add some holiday cheer or just freshen things up, you can change font and background colors by editing your store's CSS templates.

You don't need brushes or tape - just a solid understanding of CSS and HTML. You can customize your template in your Admin Area under Design > File Editor.

Keep in mind that many of our free templates come in various colors, so if you want a different color scheme with the same look and layout of your current template, you might just try out a new template instead of customizing the one you're using.

While Volusion technical support is unable to assist with customization or CSS and HTML modifications, there are a number of training videos and articles that can help.

Note that any time you edit your HTML or CSS, we strongly recommend that you make a pre-edit copy of the code so that you can revert to it in case you encounter errors you can't easily resolve. Editing HTML and CSS can damage the appearance and basic functionality of your store.