How to Configure Value Added Tax (VAT)

You can configure your Tax settings to display prices including VAT and/or excluding VAT by going to Settings > Tax in your Admin Area and doing the following:

  1. Click Settings at the top of the page.
  2. Select No next to Are You Based in the United States?
  3. Make your selection from the VAT & GST menu.

Disable VAT

This option hides all extra VAT-related text that appears on category and product pages. VAT will still be applied to products once an address is entered (or if the VAT tax is set as a default tax).

Prices Inc VAT

This option adds the tax to the price of the item, and adds the text "Inc VAT" after the price. (for example, $2.34 Inc VAT)

Prices Exc VAT

This option does not add the tax to the price, but does show the text "Exc VAT" next to the price. (for example, $2.00 Exc VAT)

Prices Inc VAT and Exc VAT

This option shows the price including the tax, and also shows the price excluding VAT. (for example, $2.34 - $2.00 exc VAT)

Prices Exc VAT and Inc VAT

This option shows the price excluding the tax first, and also shows the price including VAT (for example, $2.00 - $2.34 inc VAT)


On the Shopping Cart page, the display is not affected by the display modes. If VAT is enabled, "exc. VAT" will show below the price per unit, and the total tax applied to that item will display under the total price for that item.

You can override the VAT percentage for a product in a product's Advanced Info under the Pricing tab.

Displaying VAT text

To change the text for how VAT is displayed in product prices and on orders (for example, if you want it to say "including VAT" instead of "inc VAT"), see How to Change GST or VAT Display.

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