How to Get Started With Logos

Once you’ve found the template you want to use on your storefront, you can start customizing it and tailoring it to your business. Uploading your logo is one of the first steps to branding your online store and helping your customers find you.

When you’re ready to add your logo to your storefront, you have two choices: you can add a graphic logo in the form of an image file, or if you don’t have a graphic logo yet, you can display your store name as text in place of a graphic logo.

To get started, go to Design > Logos.

Adding a Graphic Logo

To upload a graphic logo to your storefront:

  1. On the Logos page, select Graphic under Website Logo.
  2. Drag an image file from your computer into the drop zone, or hover over the drop zone and click the Browse icon to find the image on your computer. Image files must be .PNG, .GIF, or .JPG format.
  3. Once you've dragged or selected an image file, click Yes if you'd like the software to resize the image for your mobile (if you use our Mobile Commerce feature) and invoice logos, or click No if you'd rather upload different images for these logos.

For best results, follow the Recommended Size guideline listed under Website Logo.

Adding a Text Logo

To use text in place of a graphic logo:

  1. On the Logos page, select Text under Website Logo.
  2. Enter the exact text – up to 255 characters – as it should appear on your storefront.
  3. Click Apply.

If you don’t have a logo yet, why not let our designers and brand experts create one for you?

Need more information?

For a more detailed look at all the logo options, including how to add your logo to invoices, emails, mobile storefront, and more, see our complete Logos article.

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