Admin History

The Admin Access page gives you a report on basic store activity as well as specific activity within your Admin Area. Using this feature can help you monitor store activity and avoid or resolve potential security issues.


Getting Started

To get started, go to Customers > Admin History.

The page is divided into two separate tables – the first based on general access and the second based on administrator access. This page does not contain any special settings or controls you will need to interact with – it merely provides a report on incoming activity to your store.

All Users Past 7 Days

This table lists individual unique users who have logged in to store accounts or the Admin Area during the past 7 days, including customers, affiliates, and administrators.

Most Recent 1000 Hits – Past 7 Days

The second table lists the last 1,000 instances of access granted to the Admin Area over the course of the past 7 days. The data contained within this page is identical to the All Users Past 7 Days table with the exception of one additional field – the Pages Viewed field.

Note that unlike the previous table, only administrator activity should be reported here. Additionally, note that the table only reports which pages of the Admin Area were accessed – actions performed on these pages are not recorded.

The tables contain the following information:

Admin Access

IP Address This field will contain the unique IP address the user connected to your store from. Clicking on this number will redirect users to the popular website - a directory of internet IP address data where users can find more information about the location and condition of the IP address listed.
Admin Email The email addresses of each user will be listed in this column. Note each email address is also the user name that administrators and customers use to log into your store. If this field is blank, the recorded activity is from an anonymous user or an account that has been deleted from your store's customer database. Clicking on the email will redirect you to that user's account in your Customers table.
Date/Time The date and time the user initially logged into your Volusion store will be listed in this column.
Pages Viewed Available only in the Most Recent 1000 hits table, this column will list the URL extension of the pages accessed/visited by the admin in your Volusion administration area.

Tips and Special Settings

If you encounter suspicious activity within your store's Admin Area, you can act quickly to prevent any possible security issue.

Click on the email address of the suspicious user to view their account settings. If you verify that the account should not have access to your store, you can immediately delete the account.

If the account appears to be that of a legitimate administrator, but the account is believed to be compromised, you can delete the account or simply block access from the IP associated with it.

You can block IP access to your administration area and storefront using the IP Firewall tool under Settings > IP Firewall. Please see the IP Firewall article for more information on blocking access to your store via IP addresses.