How to Turn on CDN

How do I turn on CDN?

CDN is automatically enabled when you set up your Volusion store. If you ever disable CDN and need to enable it again:

  1. Go to Settings > Maintenance in your Admin Area.
  2. Under Maintenance, click the Enable button next to CDN.

Further considerations

SEO for Product Images

Unless you are an advanced user who makes use of SEO strategies for product images,  CDN will have no effect on your search engine rankings. In fact, in April 2010 Google announced that site speed would become an increasingly important factor in search rankings.

Using your Admin Area

Administrative functions are performed in Volusion’s data center, so you will experience regular site performance. This is also the case when you visit the storefront while logged in to your admin account. If you would like to experience your storefront using CDN, you must first log out of your Admin Area or use a different browser.


CDN means faster page loads, which means happier customers and higher SEO rankings. The Akamai Content Distribution Network (CDN) used by Volusion is made up of tens of thousands of high speed servers spread over 72 countries.

Throughout the day, the Volusion data center copies your website content to all these servers, enabling them to deliver faster page loads to customers near each server. Uploading images through your store’s Admin Area will immediately refresh your store’s images, but you will need to manually refresh your cache if you upload images via FTP.