Payment Gateway Integration Information

Volusion is able to integrate with a wide variety of merchant gateway solutions for processing electronic credit payments. This article provides a list of supported gateways and the level of functionality available with each gateway.

Getting Started

The first table below lists each gateway Volusion can integrate with along with the information required to connect each gateway, to be entered into the Payments page within your Admin Area.

Note that not all gateways provide the same level of service. The second table within this chapter lists the features support by each gateway (e.g. payment authorization, payment capture, etc.).

Please note that among the supported gateways listed here, only Authorize.Net is fully supported by Volusion. As such, Authorize.Net is the payment gateway provider most recommended for your Volusion store.

For more information on integrating with Authorize.Net, please see Volusion Payments.

Categories in the following table are defined as follows:

  • Gateway Provider – The name of the supported gateway and, if applicable, the specific country supported for that gateway.
  • Gateway Name – The name that needs to be entered into the Gateway Name field in the Payments page in your Admin Area.
  • Custom 1 – The required data (if any) to be entered into the first Custom field in the Payments page in your Admin Area.
  • Custom 2 – The required data (if any) to be entered into the second Custom field in the Payments page in your Admin Area.
  • Custom 3 – The required data (if any) to be entered into the third Custom field in the Payments page in your Admin Area.

For a country-specific list of supported gateways, please see our international credit card processing page.

Volusion Supported Gateways List

Gateway Provider Gateway Name Custom 1 Custom 2 Custom 3
Authorize.Net AUTHORIZENET API ID N/A Transaction Key
Authorize.Net (UK) AUTHORIZENET API ID N/A Transaction Key
Beanstream (CA) BEANSTREAM Merchant ID Beanstream Username Beanstream Password
BluePay Version 2 BLUEPAY2 Account ID SecretKeyM N/A
CyberCash CYBERCASH Merchant ID Merchant Key N/A
CyberSource CYBERSOURCE Merchant ID N/A N/A
Digital River (UK) DRWP Merchant ID Digital River Username Digital River Password
ECHO Link ECHO Merchant ID N/A Merchant Pin
eProcessing Network EPROCESSING Network Account ID N/A N/A
eWay eCommerce (AU) EWAY Customer ID N/A N/A
FirePay - Terra Payments FIREPAY Account Merchant ID Merchant Password
First Data (see LinkPoint Secure and YourPay)
IntelliPay ExpertLink INTELLIPAY Login N/A Password
LinkPoint Secure LINKPOINT Store ID N/A N/A
Merchant Partners MERCHANTPARTNERS Account N/A N/A
Network Merchants NETWORKMERCHANTS Username N/A Password
Paymentech PAYMENTECH Merchant ID Bin ID Terminal ID
PayPal Pro (US) PAYPAL API Username N/A API Password
PayPal PayFlow Pro VERISIGNPRO Login Partner ID Password
PayPal PayFlow Pro (AU) VERISIGNPROAU Login Partner ID Password
Planet Payment PLANETPAYMENT Login ID N/A N/A
Plug 'n Pay PLUGNPAY Publisher Name N/A N/A
PRIGate Payment Resources PRIGATE Merchant ID RegKey Leave Blank
PSIGate (CA) PSIGATE Merchant ID N/A N/A
PSIGate XML (CA) PSIGATEXML Merchant ID N/A Password
Realex Payments REALEX Merchant ID Secret Key Refund Key
Sage Pay (UK) PROTX Vendor ID N/A N/A
Securepay (AU) SECUREPAY Merchant ID N/A Password
TransFirst eLink TRANSFIRST Account Number N/A Password
Skrill SKRILL See How to Use Skrill (Moneybookers) With Volusion for Settings.
Stripe STRIPE See Using Stripe With Volusion for Settings.
TrustCommerce TRUSTCOMMERCE CustID N/A Password
USAEPay Gateway USAEPAY Merchant Key N/A N/A
Worldpay Select Invisible (UK) WORLDPAY Installation ID (Company ID) N/A Password
YourPay (Linkpoint) YOURPAY Store ID Login N/A

Gateway Notes

  • Authorize.Net UK Users: Note that your merchant account may be "Cybersource", but you should follow the instructions for configuring Authorize.Net as your gateway.
  • Cybersource Users: To integrate with CyberSource, you'll need to download three different security keys: one ".pvt" file and two ".crt" files. These files can be downloaded from the SCMP API, within your CyberSource account. Save the files to your computer without opening them, then create a ticket to Volusion Support in your MyVolusion account. Include your CyberSource MerchantID in the body of the ticket, and attach all three files before sending to Support.
  • eProcessing Network Users: To integrate with eProcessing Network, your Payment Gateway Transaction Settings must be set to Authorize and Capture at Sale. You'll also need to deselect (uncheck) the box for TDBE (Transparent Database Engine) in the Processing Control section of your eProcessing Network gateway account.
  • LinkPoint/YourPay Users: To use LinkPoint or YourPay, send a copy of the LinkPoint electronic registration certificate to Volusion support by submitting a ticket at with a request to have the LinkPoint or YourPay certificate installed. This file can be downloaded by logging into the LinkPoint or YourPay gateways. Note that this file has a .pem extension type.
  • PaymentTech Users: To integrate with Paymentech, contact the processor and request to have the IP Address of your Volusion store server added to their network firewall exemption settings. For instructions on how to do this as well as obtaining the IP address of the Volusion store, please click here. Unless told otherwise by Paymentech, the Bin ID for the account will be 000002. You may also need to enter a Terminal ID if your account uses more than one terminal number. Note that PaymenTech gateway will not work for addresses that contain accents.
  • PayPal Pro Users: In order to use PayPal Pro, be sure to email Volusion a copy of the electronic PayPal Pro API Certificate file. Send the certificate file to Volusion support at with the file attached, requesting it be registered with your Volusion store.
  • PayPal PayFlow Pro Users: PayFlow Pro is not compatible with Anonymous customer accounts when using Volusion's phone order system.
  • SecurePay Users: Volusion integration with SecurePay requires use of Securepay's eSec Interface. If you experience issues using SecurePay with your Volusion store, contact a SecurePay representative to ensure their payment gateway account has been granted access to this interface mode.
  • USAEpay Users: USAEpay is not compatible with Volusion's Fraud Score service.

Supported Gateway Authorization Modes

As mentioned above, each supported gateway has a specific set of functions that are supported within Volusion such as payment authorization, capture, or crediting. The level of functionality supported through each gateway is based on each payment gateway provider’s system. Some providers are full-featured while others simply support payment authorization.

The following table lists the functions supported by each gateway. For the majority of Volusion merchants, we highly recommend Authorize.Net as it is the only gateway Volusion supports 100%.

For more information on integrating with Authorize.Net, please see Volusion Payments.

Volusion Payment Gateway Authorization Modes

Gateway Provider






Authorize.Net AIM* X X X X X
Authorize.Net (UK) X X X X X
Authorize.Net eCheck X        
Beanstream (CA) X X X X X
Bluepay Version 2 X X      
CyberCash X        
CyberSource X X      
Digital River (UK) X X X X X
Echo Link X        
eProcessing Network X        
eWay eCommerce (AU) X        
FirePay / Terra Payments X        
IntelliPay ExpertLink X        
LinkPoint Secure X X      
Merchant Partners X X X X X
Network Merchants X X X X X
PaymentTech X X      
PayPal Pro (US) X X      
PayPal Payflow Pro X X X X X
PayPal Payflow Pro (AU) X X X X X
Planet Payment X X X X X
Plug 'n Pay X X      
PRIGate Payment Services X        
PSI Gate (CA) X X X    
PSI Gate XML (CA) X X X    
Realex Payments X X X X X
Sage Pay (UK) See How to Use Sage Pay Merchant Services With Volusion for more information.
SecurePay (AU) X X X X  
Skrill See How to Use Skrill (Moneybookers) With Volusion for more information.
Stripe X X X X  
TransFirst eLink X X      
TransFirst (PRIGATE) X        
Trust Commerce X        
USA Epay X X X X X
WorldPay Select (UK) X X      
YourPay (Linkpoint) X        

*Authorize.Net's Fraud Detection Suite is not fully supported.

3-D Secure Authentication

Currently our integrations with Realex and Sage Pay support 3-D Secure authentication. Click the name of the relevant gateway for more information.


The information presented above should help take the guesswork out of choosing the appropriate payment processor for your store. Please note that the level of functionality available is dependent on the features each gateway supports with their online system.

The status of a supported payment gateway listed above or the features they provide may change should the gateway alter their operating procedures. The information in this article is subject to change at any time.

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