Company Settings

Welcome to Volusion! The first thing you need to do is log in to your store's Admin Area and provide some basic information about your business. This information will be the basis for how your store is presented to your customers. It also enables some of the store’s automated functions, such as order notification emails, shipping calculations, and more.

Company Information

To complete your Company Information, go to Settings > Company in your Admin Area.

You’ll need to fill out the following fields:

Company Name

Enter your company’s name here (for example, "myvolusionstore"). Note that this field will define your company name as it appears on various documents your store generates, including order confirmation and shipping notifications.

Legal Company Name

Enter you company’s legal business name in this field.

Website Title

This field will define the name of your storefront as it appears in the title bar of web browsers when customers visit your store. I also appears in the storefront header if you choose to use text in place of a graphic logo for your website.

Company Address

This field is for your company’s billing address. It may differ from the shipping address you enter on the Shipping page, but should match exactly the address you use for tax purposes.


Enter the primary email address customers can use to contact your store. Note that this email address will correspond to the Contact Us link that displays in your template by default. Additionally, this email address will be listed in the “from” field for every email generated by your storefront, unless you enable Additional Email Settings (see below).

Note that this field only supports a single email address; entering multiple addresses may disrupt intended functionality.

Additional Email Settings

Located below the main Email field, this extra settings dialog allows you to configure different email addresses associated with your store to serve specific purposes. Additional descriptions are provided in the following table. Note that each field only supports one designated email address.

Domain Name

Choose the domain name you want to register your store under. This defines which registered domain name will apply to this store. By default, this setting displays the temporary server trust address the store is hosted at. If you have a domain name through Volusion, once that domain is processed, you can select the domain name from this menu. However, if you purchased a domain name from a third-party registrar, you’ll need to point your domain to Volusion’s domain name servers.

Time Zone

Select your time zone from the dropdown menu. This will be reflected in all of your store’s timestamps. Here, you can also set your store to automatically update for daylight savings time.


Your store’s email settings default to your store’s primary email, but you can fine-tune these settings by modifying the fields listed in the table below. Note that each field only supports one email address; entering multiple addresses may disrupt functionality.

Additional Email Settings

Send Order Notifications To

When a new order is generated, an email notification can be delivered to your preferred email address. This field defines which email address these order notifications are sent to.

CC Orders to

This field allows for a secondary email address for order notifications to be sent to. Order notifications should only be delivered to users associated with your store.

Send Billing Emails From

This field will be the primary address all recurring payment notifications directed to the merchant will be sent to.

Send Affiliate Applications To

For security purposes, customers wishing to sign up to your store’s affiliate program requires that you grant these customer accounts that access. When a customer clicks the link to become an affiliate in your store, an email notification will be sent to you.

Terms and Conditions

When customers sign up for an account with your store, they’ll be presented a basic set of legal terms and conditions regarding use of their account. You have the option to use the set of terms provided by default, modify it as you see fit, or create your own.

Do note that this field contains some programming variables such as $(CompanyNameLegal). These variables allow the system to automatically refer to merchant-defined fields within this page when displaying the terms of service. We recommend that you don’t remove or modify these variables.

Configuring Your Domain Name

If you don’t already own a domain name, you’ll need to purchase one to use with your online store. You can buy any .com, .net, or .biz domain name directly from Volusion at Volusion's Domain Registration page.

If you have an existing domain or plan to purchase one through a third party, there are a few more steps to set it up. See Using a Third-Party Registrar from more information.

Note on Domain Names and SSL Certificates

If you’re planning to receive credit card payments directly through your website, you also need an SSL certificate. All ecommerce websites must have an SSL certificate to ensure secure communication of sensitive data – particularly personal identifying information and credit card numbers.

Installing an SSL takes several business days, so you want to get the process started early, and when you purchase an SSL from Volusion, there is no installation fee.


After your company information and store settings are defined, you're ready to take the next step in setting up your store - configuring Shipping, Tax, and Payment Settings.