Customer Password Management

You have a couple of options when you need to assist a customer with retrieving their password for your store.

1. The Forgot your password? Link

Customers can click Forgot your password on the login page for your store,

Once the customer clicks Forgot Your Password, they are redirected to a page where they can enter their account email address and click Submit. Once the customer clicks Submit, they will receive an email with a link to reset their password.

After resetting their password, the customer can then revisit your store's login page and enter their new credentials to log in.

2. Provide a Temporary Password

To conform with industry best practices and shopper expectations, Volusion does not allow you to view your customers' unencrypted passwords.

If a customer contacts you directly about changing their password, you can help them get logged in by entering a secure temporary password on their account at Customers > Accounts. Then, provide your customer with the temporary password so they can log in from your store's login page.

Advise your customer to update their password as soon as they are logged in by clicking Change E-mail Address, or Password from the My Account page.