How to Use Your Dashboard

Getting Started

When you initially log in to your Admin Area, you’re directed to a page called the Dashboard. The Dashboard gives you a snapshot of how your store is performing – graphic reports, orders, top products and categories, recent trends, and more.

For more detailed information on your store's sales and stats, you can go to your Reporting page.

The Dashboard also has shortcuts to the support site, recent Volusion blog articles, and a customizable To-Do list.

Navigating the Dashboard

To get to the Dashboard from any other screen in your Admin Area, click Dashboard in the top navigation menu.

The first thing you'll see at the top of your Dashboard is a Get Started Guide. If you're new to Volusion, this guide will help you configure your store in stages. When you click on a link under one of the headings, you'll be redirected to a page where you can work on that part of the store setup process. Click Hide Get Started Guide if you want to collapse this section so it's no longer visible; you can click Show Get Started Guide at any time to see it again.

On the right side of the Dashboard, you'll find video tutorials, other resources, and a news feed from Volusion's blog, the Ecommerce Authority. At the bottom of the right-hand column is your To-Do List.

The main part of the Dashboard has permanent widgets that are customizable by time period. You'll see Orders, Top 5 Products, and Top 5 Categories for which you can choose to display information from the last week, last month, or last 3 months. At the bottom you will see Trends that will update with the emerging trends for your store.


The Dashboard is your starting place every time you log in to your store's Admin Area, so optimizing the information you see can make accessing important information quick and easy. Using the many features and links on your Dashboard can also help you get organized, learn more about the Volusion software and eCommerce in general.

Customizing your Dashboard to display personalized stats for your store will help you stay informed about your most popular products and sales trends, which will help you create promotions to drive business and appeal to even more customers.

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