In-Stock Requests

Your store can be configured to email customers when an out-of-stock item is back in stock. Customers will know when an item is available so you can make the sale! This feature is managed on the In-stock Requests page of your Admin Area, where you can see a list of your store’s current In-Stock Requests

Once you set it up, in-stock requests are processed automatically by your store.

Activating In-Stock Requests

First, you need to enable in-stock requests in your Admin Area as follows:

  1. Go to Marketing > In-stock Requests.
  2. Click the three-dot actions menu icon and select "Notify me when back in stock".
  3. Select the Enable Back In Stock Requests check box and click Save

Product Settings Requirements

Now you need to configure the products you want to activate “back-in-stock” email notifications for.

Each product must have a stock value assigned to it to initialize the stock setting. By default, each product has no starting stock value, so you need to assign one to begin tracking inventory when a particular product is sold or ordered. To configure this along with a few other necessary product settings:

  1. Go to Inventory > Products.
  2. Click on the Product Code of a product. 
  3. Under Advanced Info > Stock, enter a value into the Stock Status field.  
  4. Enable Do Not Allow Back Orders.
  5. Under the Product Display tab, make sure Hide Product When Out Of Stock is not selected.
  6. Click Save.

Once these settings are complete for a product, it will have access to the In-Stock Requests functions.

In-Stock Request Settings

Each entry in the In-Stock Requests portion of your store contains a series of settings. Note that these settings cannot be modified. As the restock notification system is automatic, there is nothing to manage on this page. The data presented is for informative purposes.

Each In-Stock Request contains the following information:

In-Stock Requests

Product Code

This field will list the product code of the product that the notification request was made for.

Email Address

This field lists the email address entered by the customer when they request to be notified when the product is restocked.

Date Requested

This field contains the date the request was made.

Active In-Stock Requests

This field will list the total number of In-Stock Requests that have been placed for a product which are active within this table.

How In-Stock Requests Work

Once you’ve enabled In-Stock Requests in your Admin Area and configured your product settings, the In-Stock Requests notification system will be active and function as follows:

  1. Stock quantity will be deducted for any product set up for In-Stock-Requests when ordered by a customer.
  2. Once the stock value of this product reaches zero, customers will no longer be able to order it. Instead, Stock Status (Out of Stock) will be displayed along with an Email Me When Back-In-Stock link.
  3. Customers who click the link will be prompted to enter an email address to be notified when the product is back in stock.
  4. An entry in the In-Stock Requests table is created.
  5. The entry will remain until the product’s stock value is adjusted to a positive value. Please note that "0" is considered a positive value with regard to this functionality.
  6. When the product is replenished, the customer will receive an automatically-generated email notifying them that the product is back in stock.

Note that the system will submit back-in-stock email notifications to any customers who have requested them whenever a product’s stock value is set to any positive number (including "0"). Therefore, it’s important that you track the number of requests for a product before reconfiguring a product’s stock.

Tips and Special Settings

Modifying the Back-In-Stock Notification Email

When active, the In-Stock Requests notification system will automatically generate an email to any customer who requested notification when a particular product is back in stock. This email is generated from a template within the Volusion system.

As with many of your store's email templates, you can modify the contents by editing its template. Each automated email is generated from a basic HTML template that can be modified to change their overall design, layout, or content.

The In-Stock-Request email template can be accessed as follows:

  1. Go to Design > File Editor.
  2. Click the “/v/vspfiles/email_templates” link in the Shortcuts menu.
  3. In the dropdown menu in the top-center of the File Editor page, select the option labeled, Email_Me_When_Back_In_Stock.asp.

Before you make any changes to the template, make a copy and save it in a plain text document in case you need to restore the original at any point.

Edit the HTML within this template as necessary and click Save.

Child Products and In-Stock Requests

In-Stock requests are not available for child products.


Volusion provides a wealth of tools to allow you to reach out and interact with customers. In this case, the In-Stock Requests page, once configured, does all of this automatically. You can use these functions to keep your customers up to date on popular products without having to juggle email lists and stock quantities.