Simplified Checkout Template Feature

The simplified checkout template feature allows you to offer your customers a single call to action on the shopping cart page as shown below. This streamlined presentation can encourage shoppers to continue through your store's checkout process.

Simplified checkout removes the "Returning Customer" button from the shoppingcart.asp page and replaces it with a single Proceed to Checkout button that encourages users to click through to checkout. The "Returning Customer" login is moved to the top of the one-page-checkout.asp page when a user has not yet logged in. When a returning customer clicks to sign in, they'll enter their email address and password in a popup.

Important Note

This article is intended to help customers whose templates currently use our enhanced shopping cart to begin using the new simplified checkout template feature. Be sure to archive your template before you make any changes or edits.

Our technical support team is unable to assist with template customization. Our Design Team offers checkout design services and can match the look and feel of your site. Please contact our services sales team for more information at 1-800-646-3517.

Activating and Deactivating the Enhanced Shopping Cart and One Page Checkout Feature

To enable the simplified checkout, the following meta tag should be copied and pasted within the head section of the template HTML at Design > File Editor > template_xx.html (that is, between the <head> and </head> tags).

<meta id="v65-layout-mode" data-cart="storedot" data-checkout="storedot" data-use-simplified-checkout="true">

The data-cart="storedot" and data-checkout="storedot" components of the tag enable the enhanced cart / checkout. The data-use-simplified-checkout="true" component of the tag enables the simplified checkout experience.

This template feature is already enabled by default on several free templates including Aura and White-Light. Note that you may need to re-publish your template and clear your browser's cache  to fully experience this new feature.

Screenshots of the Enhanced and Simplified Shopping Cart

Enhanced Shopping Cart


Simplified Shopping Cart

Screenshots of the Enhanced and Simplified One Page Checkout

Enhanced One Page Checkout Page


Simplified One Page Checkout


Simplified One Page Checkout Popup