Nav Menu Promotions

The way you promote your business can determine just how successful it becomes. Your Volusion store is packed with features to help your business stand out from the crowd.

One of these tools is the Nav Menu Promotions portion of the Admin Area, which allows you to take advantage of the valuable homepage real estate in your store's navigation menu.

Unlike the navigation menu settings, Nav Menu Promotions lets you quickly and easily create text, images, and links to promote your store, specific products, affiliates - anything you want!


Getting Started

To find the Nav Menu Promotions page, go to Marketing > Nav Menu Promotions in your Admin Area.  

By default, your store comes pre-configured with 20 different promotions. You can enable any of these to display on your storefront by disabling the promotion's Hidden setting.

These default navigation menu promotions have specific uses, but you are welcome to modify them as you see fit, or you can create your own navigation menu promotions as needed.

Creating a Nav Menu Promotion

You can create new navigation menu promotions whenever you need to by clicking Add near the top of the Manage Promotions page. From the Specials Management page, you can configure the new promotion's settings. 

Each promotion has 6 settings to be configured:


ID Each new promotion will be assigned a unique ID auto-generated by the Volusion system.
Group Optionally, assign the promotion to one of 3 groups within the system for organization purposes. These groups include SSL Seals, Powered By, and Misc.
Private Notes You can enter a note for each promotion. Notes entered here will not be displayed on your storefront.
Body HTML or text to display to visitors within the navigation menu on your storefront.
Special Order This field contains a numerical value by which the promotion will be ordered within the storefront's navigational menu. The lower the number, the higher the promotion will appear in the navigational menu (e.g. the default search box promotion has a Special Order of 10. To assign a promotion to display below the search box, assign its "Special Order" to 15). This is a required field.
Hidden Display or hide a promotion on your storefront by selecting or deselecting the Hidden check box.

Once the settings for a promotion have been configured, click Save. If the promotion's Hidden setting is deselected, it will immediately appear on your storefront in the location specified by the Special Order setting.

Additional Settings

The Nav Menu Promotions page contains some very powerful features. Create as many promotions as you need and use the Hidden feature to cycle them on your storefront.

If you've created a large number of promotions and find it difficult to sort through the contents of the Nav Menu Promotions table, you can assign each promotion to one of the 3 different promotion groups.

In the Filter drop-down above the main Nav Menu Promotions table, select a promotion group to sort the table, displaying only promotions within that group. This is especially helpful if you have a large number of promotions.

Select All to display the entire contents of the promotion table.

Tips and Special Settings

Setting up a Link to Your Facebook Store

Another use for the space beneath your main navigation menu (if you use left navigation) is to have a link to your Facebook Store.

  1. Find or create a suitable graphic for your Facebook link.
  2. Right-click on the graphic you want to use and click Save. Name it and save it to your PC.
  3. Using your FTP, upload this graphic to your Images directory.
  4. Go to Marketing > Nav Menu Promotions.  
  5. Click Add.
  6. In the promotion's body, enter the following:
<a href=""><img src=""></a>

Where is the URL for your Facebook store, is your website URL, and myfacebookgraphic.jpg is the name you gave your Facebook icon.

  1. Enter a Special Order value and click Save.

When you're finished, test the link to make sure it opens your Facebook page.

SSL Seals

An SSL (Secure Socket Layer) certificate is a special type of web-based security software that is used to encrypt data being set through a website. SSL certificates enable online stores to encrypt and protect information such as credit card numbers, emails addresses, and other forms of personal data customers send to a store's web server through a web page.

All online stores need a valid SSL certificate to protect their customers. If you don't already have an SSL certificates, you can purchase one directly from Volusion.

You can advertise the fact that your store is secured by an SSL to give customers confidence that they'll have a safe and secure experience while shopping in your store. Volusion provides a number of built-in promotions to display on the storefront to demonstrate that the store has a valid SSL certificate. Clicking on the promotion will display verification information to visitors so they will know that the store's security measures are up to date.

Once you purchase an SSL certificate and have it registered with your domain name, you can activate an SSL-related promotion on the Nav Menu Promotions page.

By default, your store comes with 5 SSL seal-related promotions - IDs 23, 24, 27, 29, and 30.

  1. Click on the promotion ID (23, 24, 27, 29, or 30) you want to use. 
  2. Deselect the Hidden check box.
  3. In the Body field, if you see the text "" replace it with the your actual store domain name.
  4. Click Save to activate an SSL verification seal for your storefront.

Embedding an Image Into a Promotion

With some basic knowledge of HTML you can set up an image link in a promotion. You'll need to have an image file ready to upload (e.g. an image file named promtion1.jpg). Connect to your store via FTP and upload the image to any accessible directory (e.g. /vspfiles/images).

In this example, the promotion will link to the store's article ID 121. Edit or create a promotion using the steps outlined above. In the promotion's Body, enter the following:

<a href="/articles.asp?ID=121">
<img src="/v/vspfiles/images/promotion1.jpg"></a>

The above text will create a hypertext link to website article ID 121 and will display the promotion1.jpg image file. Customers who click on the image will be redirected to the article.


Promoting your business and engaging customers involves more that external advertisements. Using Volusion's Nav Menu Promotions page, you can quickly create notifications to display text, links, and promotional images on your storefront.

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