Navigation Menu CSS

Navigation Menu Style

Your store's navigation menus can be completely styled using CSS through navigation.css and template.css in:




You can access these CSS pages in your Admin Area by going to Design > File Editor. On your File Editor page, click on the template_XX.css file in Shortcuts list on the right side of the page (where "XX" is the template name or number you have installed on your store).

You can edit the template.css file or select navigation.css from the Files drop-down menu across the top of the page.

List of Attribute Tags

content_area Config_FullStoreURL
Config_FullSecureStoreURL Config_WebsiteTitle
v/vspfiles/templates/1/images Config_CompanyNameLegal
Config_CompanyAddress Config_CompanyNameShort
Display_Menu_#(or S) Menu#_BgColor
Menu#_Title Display_Promotions_#
Display_Search_Box Current_Category_RootID
Current_Category_RootCategoryName DropDown_Currency
Config_Colors_Highlight DropDown_ShopBy_Manufacturer
DropDown_ShopBy_Category DropDown_ShopBy_Price
Display_Cart_Summary if_homepage and if_not_homepage

List of all Volusion tags supported as free text:

Config_FullStoreURL BodyOnLoad
Config_FullSecureStoreURL Config_WebsiteTitle
v/vspfiles/templates/1/images Config_CompanyNameLegal
Config_CompanyAddress Config_Colors_Background_Main
Config_CompanyNameShort Config_Colors_Highlight
Config_EmailAddress_From Menu#_BgColor
Menu#_Title Current_Category_RootID

Be aware that these are subject to change. Keep in mind that all attributes must have the same capitalization in both the template_xx.html and template_xx.css files or customization will not work. Also, please be advised that Volusion technical support is not able to assist with any custom coding.

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