SEO-Friendly URLs for Articles

You may have noticed that on the Admin Area edit pages for products and categories, there are Product URL Text (product) and Category URL Text (category) fields, which are used to complement your store's SEO settings. Text entered in these fields is be used to generate static URLs when you select Enable Search Engine Friendly URLs at Marketing > SEO.

Because dynamic URLs are generated based on queries to a website's database, the URLs are delivered based on the way the page is accessed, and the content of dynamic URLs is subject to change based on the visitor's queries. Sophisticated search engines (like Google) are able to index dynamic URLs most of the time, but to ensure that your site is indexed by all of the largest search engines, it is best to use static URLs wherever possible.

By default, when viewed from the storefront, articles have dynamic URLs, containing an ASP suffix and appended with the article's ID number. For example:

If you want articles to have SEO-friendly URLs similar to categories and products, you can do this by using the following format (instead of the dynamic URL format above) when creating a link to your article:

In place of "article_title" use any SEO-friendly text you like. Because Volusion does not currently have a field equivalent of the Category URL Text (for categories) or Product URL Text (for products) for articles, you must ensure you use the same text in the URL every time you link to the article. If you do not, the page will not get full SEO credit from search engines (because the rank will be split among multiple URLs).

Note: Choosing to use either hyphens or underscores in your URLs is entirely cosmetic and at your discretion. If you decide to use hyphens instead of underscores for your SEO-friendly article URLs (you have enabled Use Hyphens (-) instead of Underscores (_) at Marketing > SEO), the format of the link will be slightly different:

Note that you can additionally use 301 Redirects. These can be useful because they can provide an easy-to-remember URL to customers to direct them to a specific article, if needed.

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