Payment Settings

Your customers are ready to spend money – if they weren’t they probably wouldn’t be shopping in your store. So make it easy for them by configuring your store to receive payment in ways that suit your customers and your business.

The Volusion Payment area takes the guesswork out of configuring your payment options, and if you need to fine-tune your store's payment options even further, there are advanced settings to help you do that.


Getting Started

To find your payment settings, go to Settings > Payment in your Admin Area. You can view the Payment Settings in the default Tab View or switch to List View.

The Tab View is divided into three tabs: Payment Gateway, Card Setting, and More Payment Types.


Setting Up Your Payment Gateway

As a store owner, choosing the electronic payment gateway you’ll use to process incoming payments is an important decision. Ideally, you want a payment gateway that is reliable and stable; easy to integrate with Volusion; and provides all the processing features you need such as authorizing, capturing, crediting, and voiding payments.

For US-based merchants, the Verified Volusion Merchant Program provides a full-featured, stable, and affordable payment platform with Authorize.Net. To learn more, see The Verified Volusion Merchant Program or click Apply Now on the Payment tab in your Admin Area.

If you're based outside of the United States, there are many gateways Volusion can integrate with. See Volusion-supported gateways to learn which gateways are available in your area.

Configuring Gateway Information

Once you've decided which payment gateway to use with your store, you'll need to sign up with that gateway provider and obtain the unique credentials required for activation. Once you have these credentials, integration is simple:

  1. From your Admin Area, go to Settings > Payment.
  2. On the Payment Gateway tab, select the country you are based in from the Gateway Country menu. 
  3. Select your payment gateway from the Gateway Name drop-down. Note that this menu will only display gateways available in the country chosen in the previous drop-down.
  4. Depending on the Gateway Name selected, several more fields will open. These will be labeled with the names of the authorization credentials required to connect to the selected gateway. They should correspond with the credentials supplied by the gateway's vendor. Enter the appropriate credentials in the corresponding fields and click Save
  5. If the gateway you want to use is not shown in the Gateway Name drop-down, select Other. This will open another field labeled Gateway Name and three Custom fields.
  6. Enter the name of the Gateway in the Gateway Name field.
  7. See Payment Gateway Integration Information to determine which authorization credential should be entered into which custom fields.
  8. Click Save.


If you’re using Authorize.Net, follow these instructions:

  1. Go to Settings > Payment.
  2. On the Payment Gateway tab, select United States from the Gateway Country tab. 
  3. Select Volusion Merchant Services [AUTHORIZENET] as the gateway. 
  4. Enter the Authorize.Net API ID and an Authorize.Net Transaction Key into the appropriate fields and click Save

That's it!


If you need to set up your account for use with a supported gateway not listed within the Gateway menu, please contact Volusion technical support for assistance.

For further information on which credit card payment gateways integrate with Volusion and which features these gateways support, please see Payment Gateway Integration Information.


Card Settings

This tab allows you to choose which credit/debit cards to accept on your site.

  1. Select the cards you want to accept on your site. Make sure cards you do not want to accept are deselected. Deselected cards are moved to the Inactive Cards view and hidden unless you click Show Inactive Cards.
  2. Click Save.

The cards you want to use will now be shown in the Active Cards section.

You can edit the Card Display Label here if you want to change the label displayed for cards on the checkout page. If you accept debit cards, re-name this field to something like Credit or Debit Card.


More Payment Types

This tab is where you set up alternative payments types (i.e., not credit / debit cards)

  1. Go to Settings > Payment.
  2. Select the More Payment Types tab.
  3. Enable the payment methods you want customers to be able to use.  
  4. If any of the payment methods you want to use have a Settings link, click on it and refer to the corresponding section below.
  5. When you’re finished, click Save.                                                                                            

Note that several methods have Settings links that will open additional fields you need to fill out.

Electronic Check

If you want to accept electronic checks (e-checks), you’ll have to register with a suitable vendor. Volusion provides e-check integration with several major payment gateway providers including, USAEpay, and TransFirst.

Once you’ve registered with an e-check service provider, configuring your store to accept e-checks by:

  1. Go to Settings > Payment.
  2. Select the More Payment Types tab.
  3. Enable Electronic Check and select the electronic check gateway from the drop-down list.
  4. Enter the authorization information supplied by the gateway vendor in these fields.
  5. Click Save.
  6. Click the Payment Gateway tab and select Alternative Settings.
  7. Change the setting for authorization method to Authorize and Capture at Sale and click Save.

Step 7 above is important because when an e-check payment is authorized, the payment gateway will attempt to capture payment for the e-check immediately afterward. Setting the store authorization method to Authorize and Capture at Sale will prevent the payment gateway from attempting to capture funds from the e-check payment more than once.


If you want to accept PayPal, you must have a PayPal Business account.

  1. Go to Settings > Payment > More Payment Types.
  2. Enable PayPal and select whether you'd like to use PayPal Express (Recommended) or PayPal Standard. Note that for most merchants, PayPal Express will be the best option, as it provides a more seamless checkout experience for your customers.
  3. For PayPal Express, paste the PayPal API Username, API Password, and API Signature that you get from your PayPal Business account. See Using PayPal Express with Volusion for details on getting these credentials. Click Save to finish configuring your store to offer PayPal Express. 
  4. If you selected PayPal Standard, you simply need to enter the PayPal Email Address for your PayPal Business account and click Save.

Amazon Pay

If you want to enable Amazon Pay, you must configure the necessary settings in your Admin Area and in your Amazon seller account.

  1. Go to Settings > Payment > More Payment Types.
  2. Enable Amazon.
  3. In the four new fields that display, paste your Amazon Seller/Merchant IDClient ID, Access Key, and Secret Key. See Amazon Pay for the location of these credentials and other considerations.
  4. Click Save to finish enabling Amazon Pay for your store.

Note on Other Payment Types

Payment methods such as Money Order, Check by Mail, COD, Purchase Order, Wire Transfer, and Cash are available only so that you can offer your customers the option to select them. The Volusion software does not perform any automated validation of these payment methods as it does for credit / debit cards, electronic checks, and PayPal. It is your responsibility to make separate payment arrangements with your customers and manually notate your orders accordingly. If you would like to provide special payment instructions for these methods during the checkout process, you can do so using the following steps:

  1. In your Admin Area, go to Design > Site Content.
  2. Click View List on the right.
  3. Click Search.
  4. In the Page Name field, type "checkout".
  5. Click the blue Search button.

You will see all the articles that display on your checkout page. The Spot Key value indicates the position on the page where the article appears. To add content to any of these articles, click its ID number. Content you enter in the Article Title, Article Caption, and Article Body fields displays on the checkout page.


Payment Gateway Transaction Settings

At the bottom of the Payment Gateway tab is a link labeled Alternative Settings that opens the Payment Capture Settings window.

These settings govern how your store will authorize and capture credit payments. By default, Volusion is configured with the most secure setting. This provides the highest level of compliance with the Payment Card Industry Security Consortium's electronic data security guidelines.

However, you may need to make changes to the authorization/capture mode depending on your gateway or other factors.

Authorize at Sale, Capture at Shipping

This setting is the safest way to capture funds. When selected, credit cards will be authorized for the purchase amount as soon as an order is placed, assuring you that customers have the necessary funds to complete their transactions. Once you have reviewed the order and are ready to ship the product, you can simply capture the transaction to collect payment.

Authorize and Capture at Sale

This setting may result in chargebacks if fraudulent orders are captured. When selected, credit cards will be authorized and charged immediately upon checkout. This setting eliminates the opportunity for you to review each order prior to capturing payment, and should only be selected when required by your merchant services provider.

Authorize and Capture at Shipping

This setting may result in increased exposure to fraud. When selected, credit card will not be authorized or captured until the order is shipped. This setting does not support CVV2 information, and should only be selected when required by your merchant services provider.

Advanced Credit Card Storage Settings

The default for your Volusion store is to delete credit/debit card information immediately after the card has been authorized for payment. However, there are situations such as facilitating reoccurring billings (see below) where you may need to change this.

In order to change the event at which deletion takes place, you need to access the Payment Info Delete Event variable. To do this:

  1. Go to Settings > Config Variables
  2. Click Search
  3. Enter "Payment Info" in the Name field and click Search

The Payment Info Delete Event and Payment Info Max Days To Keep variables are displayed. 

Payment Info Delete Event

The following settings can be applied:


This setting deletes credit/debit card data immediately after the card has been successfully authorized for payment. For fully supported gateways, merchants can still capture, credit, debit, and void transactions once an authorization has been obtained. This is the most secure setting and the one we recommends using.


Credit/Debit card data will be deleted after authorized funds have been credited or debited. Some gateways require this setting in order to function with Volusion. Please refer to Volusion online list of supported gateways and features for more information.


The setting keeps credit/debit card data stored within the Volusion system until the order is processed and marked as "Shipped". This setting may be required for a small number of gateways. Volusion only recommends only using this setting if absolutely necessary.


This setting configures Volusion to store credit card data for the number of days in the Payment Info Max Days To Keep field. This setting is the least secure and compliant with the PCI Security Consortium's policies. Volusion provides this feature for merchants as-is and recommends only using it if absolutely necessary.

Payment Info Max Days To Keep

If the Payment Info Delete Event field is set to Never, then this field must be used to specify the number of days credit card data for each order will be stored. Since the Never setting is the least compliant in terms of PCI security polices and Volusion does not recommend using it unless absolutely necessary.

  • If you set this to more than 14 days, customers will be given the option to Keep My Payment Method on File for Easy Checkout on Future Orders.
  • If you need to hide this option, you will need to set this to less than 14 days.
  • If you set this value to 0, note that credit / debit card data is still collected and stored temporarily in the database during the checkout process from the point the card is entered until the order is placed. If the checkout is abandoned, the card data will be deleted within 24-48 hours.)

Recurring Payments and Credit Card Storage Policies

If you offer products configured for recurring payments (for example, magazine subscriptions), you'll need to set your credit card storage policy option to Never (as in never remove data from the system) and redefine the default value of days to keep credit card data to a value that will cover the length of time you'll need to bill customers on a recurring basis (for example, 9999 days).

You'll need to do this as your store's default credit storage policies will purge credit card data, preventing you from being able to collect recurring payments from customers.


Using the List View

If you're an experienced user, the View List function enables you to swiftly make changes for all payment types from the same list.

  1. Go to Settings > Payment.
  2. Click the View List button.

This page contains the Payment Methods table listing every payment method stored in your database. From here, settings for each payment method can be configured.

Click Add to create custom payment methods, if needed.

To edit a payment method, click on the method's ID number.

To choose which columns display, click the three-dot actions menu icon and select Customize Columns. Payment methods have the following settings:

Payment Method ID*

This is a number automatically assigned to payment IDs for identification purposes.

Payment Method Type*

This drop-down menu defined what type of payment the method takes the form of (e.g. cash, credit card, electronic check, etc). Note that only payment types listed within the drop-down menu here can be chosen.

Payment Method*

This text field is the label for the payment method as it will be displayed to merchants and customers.

Payment Method Active*

Checking this box enables the payment method and will display it in the list of available methods to customers upon checkout. Unchecking this option will hide the payment method.

Payment Order By*

This numeric value affects the order the payment method will be displayed in the list of methods to choose from upon checkout. The lower the number, the higher the method will appear in the list.

Payment Method Special Value 1

This text field is provided to hold auxiliary information that may be required by certain payment methods or processors. For example, in order to enable the PayPal payment method, merchants will be required to enter their PayPal email ID in this field.

Payment Method Special Value 2

This is an additional field, similar in function to Payment Method Special Value 1. It may be required by certain payment methods.

*These fields are required to be defined for each payment method.

DO NOT DELETE PAYMENT METHODS. Some payment methods are required to be present in the database in order for the system to function properly - even if those payment methods are never going to be used. You can make unwanted payment methods inactive.


Special Settings and Tips

LinkPoint and PayPal Pro

Some payment gateways require security certificates that must be registered with Volusion's hosted server environment. These security certificates perform a task similar to SSL certificates, creating a secure "handshake" that provides the payment gateway provider identification of the merchant processing credit information with the processor.

If you use Linkpoint or Paypal Pro as your gateway, you will be required to obtain a security certificate from the gateway provider. This certificate must be registered with your store to complete the payment gateway setup. To complete this step:

  1. Volusion must receive a copy of the security certificate to install it in your store. You do not have access to install the certificate directly, so it must be emailed to Volusion.
  2. To do this, send Volusion technical support a service ticket from your account at
  3. Within the ticket, include in the subject line, "Security certificate installation request - X" where "X" is the payment gateway type (for example, PayPal Pro).
  4. Attach the security certificate to the service ticket.
  5. Once Volusion technical support staff receives the service ticket, the attached security certificate will be installed and a confirmation reply sent through


Note on All Payment Methods

It is currently not possible to set up payment methods of any type in the following ways:

  • specific only to certain customers
  • specific only to certain special pricing levels
  • specific only to certain products
  • specific only to certain categories