How to Change Your Main Homepage Image

Making occasional changes to your homepage image(s) can help keep things fresh and interesting for your customers. It's also a great way to show off your new  products or seasonal promotions. For installing or changing homepage images, we recommend using our Slideshow feature.

If you're using the main homepage article to display an image, however, you can edit it in the Admin Area, or right from your storefront with the Volusion Toolbar.

Accessing the Storefront Editor

When viewing your Admin Area, click View Storefront in the Volusion Toolbar to go to your homepage. When moving your cursor over a graphic or text element on the page, you'll see a blue outline around the element with an Edit button in the top right.


If an outline and Edit button don't display, point to Edit in the Volusion Toolbar and switch the Storefront Editor On.

  1. Click the  button for the main image.
  2. If you've already uploaded the new graphic to your FTP's images directory and know its filename, you can edit the code by clicking the HTML icon in the toolbar. Click Save to make the change live on your storefront.
  3. If you need to upload a new image, continue to the next set of instructions.

Using the Storefront Editor to Upload an Image

  1. Click the Insert Image icon in the Storefront Editor toolbar.
  2. Click Browse to search for an image on your computer, or drag an image from your desktop into the Drop File Here region.
  3. To display an image that is hosted online, click Link to type in the URL, then click Insert.
  4. Click Save.

The new image should now display on your storefront.

Accessing the Easy Editor From Your Admin Area

  1. Go to Design > Site Content.
  2. In the ID column, click ID: 2, Spotkey Above_Featured_Products.
  3. In the Article Body section, click the Insert Image icon and proceed as previously instructed.

Watch the Site Content video series