How to Create an Article on Your Website

The section below explains how to create an article and link to it from your storefront. For a complete description of the Site Content section of your Admin Area, please see Site Content and Articles.

Creating the Article

  1. Go to Design > Site Content.
  2. Click View List above the table.
  3. Click the Add button.
  4. Select Other Articles from the Category ID menu.
  5. Complete the Article Title, Article Caption (if required), and Article Body fields. You can click on the HTML Editor link if you want to use the Easy Editor to format the text or layout of the Article Body and upload or add images, etc.*
  6. If you want to complete the SEO section at this time, see the Search Engine Optimization section of the Site Content article.
  7. Make sure Save and Stay on This Page is selected and click Save.
  8. Scroll back to the top of the page and click the View Live Article Page link.
  9. This new screen will show your article as it appears on your site.
  10. You should now save the page's URL, or at least make a note of the number that appears at the end of the URL. (for example,

*Since the Article Title and Article Caption cannot be formatted with HTML, you can leave these fields blank and include the title and, if used, caption, in the Article Body where HTML formatting is available.

Linking to the Article

You can now create links to this article from the footer of your storefront or from any navigation menu.

To link to the article from the footer

To create a link in the footer, you will need to edit the HTML in your store's template. If you're familiar with HTML, see How to Add, Edit, or Remove Footer Links from Your Template. Otherwise, use a navigation menu link instead. 

To link to the article from a navigation menu

  1. Go to Inventory > Categories.
  2. Click Add.
  3. In the Category Name field, enter a name for the article.
  4. In the Show in Menu drop-down, select the menu in which you want this link to appear.
  5. Under Advanced Settings, click on the Misc tab.
  6. In the Alternate URL field, enter the following:


"nnn" is the number noted in the final step of the Creating the Article procedure above (for example, 248).

  1. Click Save.

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