How to Process Returns After the Holiday Rush

The holidays are over and things are starting to return to normal. This time of year, “business as usual” probably includes processing returns and exchanges. You can use your store’s RMA (Returned Merchandise Authorization) feature to keep track of inventory as products begin to make their way back to your store.

Creating an RMA

To begin processing a return, go to Orders > Process Orders in your Admin Area and follow these steps:

  1. Find the customer’s original order and click the order ID number.
  2. Under the Details section, click Edit.
  3. Enter the quantity being returned into the Qty to Return text box in the far right column.
  4. Click Save.

A new section called RMA will display above the Drop Ship section, listing the products an RMA has been created for. The only fields you can edit are:

  • Refund Type: Use this to show the type of refund being applied (Refund, Exchange, Store Credit, or None).
  • Exchange for Order ID: If the product is being evenly exchanged for another product listed in a separate order, you can specify its order number here.
  • Lost Value: If the product is damaged, you can specify the value lost for this product.

When you’re finished, the RMA will be created for the product to be returned. You can view the RMA’s basic information within the RMA section of the order details page. This section will only be visible if an RMA is associated with an order.

Please note that the settings in the RMA section of the order details page are intended for record keeping. Choosing to issue Store Credits, Exchanges, and Refunds, or entering information into this table will not process the RMA.

Receiving an RMA

To view all of your outstanding RMAs, go to Orders > Returns/RMAs. All RMAs with at least one item that has not yet been received will display in this table.

  1. Click the RMA number to open the RMA. Note that on this page, you can change the RMA Deadline or add RMA Notes for your reference.
  2. Once you’re ready to receive returned products for the RMA, click the Receive Inventory from RMA # link.
  3. The Prepare Shipments & Receiving page for the specific RMA will display with the RMA Status and Deadline.
  4. Enter the Qty Sellable or Qty Damaged for each returned product and click Save.
    • Entering a Qty Sellable will add the amount back to the Stock Status of the product.
    • Entering a Qty Damaged will not add the amount back into your store’s stock.

Once all products on an RMA are received, the status of the RMA will change from Waiting to Received.

Need more info?

For more detailed information about creating, editing, and receiving RMAs, see our complete guide to Returns and RMAs and our article on How to Refund an Order.