To-Do List

As the name implies, the To-Do List feature is a great way to organize and prioritize tasks. This feature is available at the bottom of the right side of your Dashboard.

Creating a To-Do List Item

To add an item to your to-do list, click Add Item.

Next, enter the text to define your list item and click Add when finished.   

Prioritizing List Items

You can specify the order of your to-do list items by clicking on the Prioritize and using the up and down arrows to reorder each item's position in the list. When you're done, click Finished.

Clearing List Items

Once you've completed a task in your to-do list, click the check box next to it to mark it as Complete. To remove an item from the list, click the trash can icon that appears once an item is marked as Complete.   

Note on To-Do List Usage

Please note that the to-do list functionality within the Admin Area is administrator account-specific. Any items configured within your to-do list will only be viewable from your own store administrator account, and cannot be accessed by other store administrators.