Social Media

Social media is no longer a fad or a trend – it’s a powerful tool that allows you to position your business and your brand into view of millions of potential customers. It also lets you keep current customers informed about your latest deals and products – link to social media sites like as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Google Plus, and post directly to your Facebook and Twitter pages right from your Product and Category pages in real time!

Start sharing in four easy steps:

  1. From a Product or Category page in your Admin Area, open the three-dot actions menu and select Share.

  1. Sign In to your Facebook and / or Twitter account, depending on which social media platform you want to post to. A shortened ( version of your category or product URL displays automatically in the Share window.

  1. Add a brief message before or after the shortened URL. Note that Twitter messages must be 140 characters or less, including URLs.
  2. Click Submit.

Your message will now display as a post on your connected Facebook and / or Twitter page!

For more information, see Posting to Facebook and Twitter from within Your Store.

Watch the Social Media video series