Shipping 101

Getting your merchandise from point A to point B is as easy as 1 – 2 – 3.

The following guide lists the basic steps necessary for offering shipping to your customers. For more detailed information, see our Shipping article.

Choose Shipping Origin

Go to Settings > Shipping in your Admin Area.

Under Ship From Location, click Edit to enter your name, company name, and company address. If you plan to use live rates, you must enter a valid shipping address. After you've entered all relevant address information, click Save.

Choose Shipping Destinations

Under Ship To Location, enter your destination countries in the Include field by typing them or selecting from the drop-down menu that displays. If you need to exclude a specific state or region from your shipping destinations, use the Exclude field.

Choose Carriers

In the Live Rates section, use the Add Carrier menu to select the shipping carrier(s) you want to use. Follow the registration steps listed for each carrier.

Choose Shipping Methods

Now you can choose the shipping method(s) you want to offer for each carrier. Select a carrier name from the Add Carrier menu, then click Add Method. Select a shipping method you want to activate, then click Add.

Make any necessary adjustments to the shipping method's settings, then select the Active check box and click Save.

Repeat the process for each additional method you want to offer.

These basic shipping configurations may be all you need to get merchandise to your customers quickly and efficiently, but there are more options to explore if you need advanced functionality within your shipping settings.

To learn about all available types of shipping options, see Additional Shipping Capabilities.

Watch the Shipping video series