Volusion Password Management FAQ

As a Volusion store owner, there are two username / password combination sets that you need to keep track of: Admin Logins and Customer Account (MyVolusion) Logins.

Understanding the functions of each will help you maintain an accessible yet secure account.

Admin Logins

Customer Account (MyVolusion) Logins

Admin Logins

What is an admin login?

Your Admin login is the email/password combination used to access the Admin Area where you build and maintain your store. You can access your Admin Area by adding “/admin” to the end of your domain name or your temporary "servertrust" URL in your web browser’s address bar.

Each Volusion store has its own Admin Area. You can identify when you are in the Admin Area by taking note of its distinctive navigation menu and Volusion Toolbar, both of which display across the top of the page.

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How is an admin login created?

Once your store order is processed, you’ll receive a welcome email at the email address you entered on your order form. The initial login credentials for your Admin Area are the email address and password you used when you first set up your free trial or purchased your store.

How can I change my admin login?

  1. Log in to your Admin Area and go to Customers > Administrators.
  2. Select your customer ID number. By default, your primary administrator account – the Super Admin account – will be customer ID # 1.
  3. From the Customer Account page, you can change the Email Address and Password fields as desired.
  4. When finished, click Save at the bottom of the page.

You can update your administrator account password at any time by logging in to your Admin Area, going to Customers > Administrators, and choosing the ID number of your administrator account from the list of store administrators. Enter your new password into the the Password field and click Save.

How can I change my admin password when it's expired?

Due to PCI DSS security standards, you must change the password for your administrator account every 90 days. If you forget to do so, the software will automatically prompt you to change your password the next time you attempt to log in.

Once prompted, take the following steps to update your password:

  1. Enter the email address you use to log in to your admin account, and click Continue.
  2. Enter the text as it appears in the scrambled security code generator (you don't need to enter spaces, and it's not case sensitive).
  3. Click Continue to send the password assistance email.
  4. You will now receive an email with a unique link to reset your admin password. Find and open the email, then click the unique link.
  5. Type your new password into both fields, then click Reset Password.

If you followed the steps above correctly, you will see a message indicating that you've successfully changed your password. You can now return to your login page to sign in to your Admin Area with the updated credentials.

Note that you cannot reuse an admin password you've chosen in the past. The password itself must be at least 8 characters in length and it must contain at least one capital letter and one number. If your new password fails to meet either of these requirements, you'll receive an error message with the opportunity to enter a different password.

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What if I forget my admin password?

If you've forgotten your password and your admin account is the Super Admin:

  1. Click the Forgot Your Password link.
  2. Enter the email address associated with your store's Admin account and click Submit.
  3. Next, enter the text as it appears in the scrambled code generator (you don't need to enter spaces, and it's not case sensitive).
  4. You'll be sent an email with instructions for resetting your password.

Follow the instructions provided to reset your Admin Area password.

What if I didn’t get the password reset email?

Be sure to check the spam folder of the administrator account email address for which you’re resetting the password. Occasionally, auto-generated response emails are filtered into a spam folder and are not readily visible in your primary inbox.

What if my account is not the Super Admin?

You'll need to contact the Super Admin/owner on your store account. They will be able to log in using their account and reset your password for you.

Can a store have multiple admin accounts?

Yes. The Super Admin can establish as many additional administrative logins as needed. See How to Add a New Administrator Account for instructions.

Note that if you have multiple administrative logins, Volusion’s support team cannot assist you with Admin Area access issues. To troubleshoot additional administrator accounts, those admins must contact the Super Admin (or an additional admin with Super Admin privileges) for access assistance.

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Customer Account (MyVolusion) Logins

What is a customer account login?

Your Customer Account login is the email/password combination you use to log in to my.volusion.com. Since a single store owner can purchase multiple stores, and since multiple admins can access a single store, Customer Account Logins remain independent of Admin Logins.

Your customer account credentials are the email address and password you used when you set up your first free trial or purchased your first store. Any additional stores you purchase using this email address will share the same customer account login, but will have unique Admin Area logins.

What is a customer account login used for?

It has two main purposes: Purchasing/ordering from the Volusion website; and accessing your my.volusion.com account.

  1. When purchasing/ordering from the Volusion website, you have two options after clicking Proceed to Checkout:
  • If you haven't already created a Customer Account login, you can create one when you check out. After entering your billing address and payment information, be sure to fill in the Registration fields with the email and password you want to use for your account. You cannot use an email address currently listed in the Volusion database.
  • If you have previously created a Customer Account, you can complete your purchase under that account by clicking Log In next to Already have an account or trial with us? You cannot log in with an email address that isn’t currently listed in the Volusion database.
  1. Once inside your MyVolusion account, you can perform the following tasks:
  • Create, submit, and track support tickets
  • View your monthly account usage history
  • Upgrade your pricing plan level and/or pricing plan features
  • Create and manage email and FTP account logins
  • Retrieve customized reports on website traffic and data transfer statistics
  • Manage your DNS records
  • View your billing and order histories
  • Add / edit a payment method for monthly fees
  • Manage your contact information and MyVolusion area login details
  • Establish and edit your secret question/answer

During your initial login session, you'll be required to choose and answer a secret question that will be used for identity verification during phone calls and live chats with Volusion’s support team. You should choose a question that only you can answer, but that is easy for you to remember.

Note that Volusion’s Support team reserves the right to regard anyone who can correctly answer your secret question as a valid representative of your account.

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How is a customer account login created?

There are several ways to create a Customer Account Login:

  • Opening a free 14-day trial
    If you enter an email address already listed in the Volusion database, you must use its associated password. While we normally recommend using a single Customer Account Login for all orders, we do not recommend reusing a Customer Account Login when opening additional free trials.
  • Clicking Register on the MyVolusion login screen (my.volusion.com
  • Completing the Registration fields when making a purchase on www.volusion.com (see What is a customer account login used for?).

Note that when a Customer Account Login is created, it is assigned a unique database ID number. Although an account’s email address and password can be changed at any time, the ID number cannot be changed.

All orders placed on our website are linked to the Customer Account ID number associated with the email address used. The relationship between the order and its Customer Account also cannot be changed.

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How can I change a customer account login?

Log in to my.volusion.com and click Account Info in the left-hand menu.

Here, you can change the email address and password individually by clicking Edit.

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How can I change my email address to one already listed in your database?

Our database will not allow you to change your account’s email address to one currently assigned to another account. If you wish to use such an address, first log in to the account to which it is currently assigned and change at least one character in that address to another unique entry (see How do I change a Customer Account Login? above).

While you do not have to specify a functioning address, we recommend that you do so in the event that you need to access the account again in the future and forget the password (the password retrieval system relies on automated email delivery). Once you have saved the new entry, log out and log back in to the account on which you wish to use the address, then change the current entry to the desired one.

What should I do if I forget my customer account password?

Click Forgot Your Password? on the login screen to have it emailed to the associated address.

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Can a store have multiple customer account logins?

Yes. The primary Customer Account associated with an order can establish as many additional Customer Account Logins for a store as desired.

  1. In your MyVolusion account, click Manage Users in the left-hand menu.
  2. Select the store from the Choose a Domain menu and click Add New User.
  3. Fill out the name and email address fields.
  • You can set the user’s privileges during this step, or you can set them later on this same page. By default, a new user has no viewing / editing privileges.
  1. Click Save.

When you’ve completed these steps, an email will be sent to the designated address containing a link to the online registration form. To complete registration, choose a password and a secret question/answer.

Note that additional Volusion Customer Accounts have no legal rights over the orders to which they have been granted partial MyVolusion account access by the primary Customer Account. Volusion Support reserves the right to refuse assistance to any individual who cannot correctly answer the secret question established by the primary Customer Account.

Additionally, Volusion accepts no responsibility for inconveniences suffered due to disputes over account ownership resulting from mismanagement of the primary Customer Account's login details and secret question.

For your protection, we strongly advise that you carefully select and oversee these items, and that you edit and secure them each time your organization makes a change of administrative personnel.

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How do I know which account is the order’s primary customer account?

When a Customer Account Login is created, a unique database ID number is automatically assigned. While the email address and password associated with the account can be changed at any time, its ID number cannot be changed.

All orders placed on our website are linked to the Customer Account ID number associated with the email address used. The relationship between the order and its Customer Account also cannot be changed.

When you log in to your MyVolusion account, your account ID number and name display in the top right corner of the interface.

If you see the following message when you click Manage Users and select a store (or if the store does not appear in the Choose a Domain list), your account is not the store’s primary Customer Account.

How do I delete an additional customer account?

As the primary Customer Account, you can delete an additional Customer Account Login from a store order’s list of authorized users, but you cannot remove it from Volusion’s database. All Customer Accounts are retained indefinitely in the interest of accurate record-keeping.

As such, a login deleted by the primary Customer Account from the store’s user list can still access its MyVolusion account, but will have no viewing/editing rights for that store.

To delete a login from a store’s list of authorized users:

  1. Log in with the order’s primary Customer Account details and click Manage Users.
  2. Select the store name from the Choose a Domain list and select the user you wish to delete.
  3. Click Delete at the bottom of the page.

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