Search and Search Refinement Variables

There are several configuration variables you can use to control how search and search refinement work on your site. These can be accessed via Settings > Config Variables.

For step-by-step procedures on using Search Refinement, see How to Use Search Refinement.

Enable "Did You Mean?" Suggestions Select this check box if you want searches to include misspellings. If customer enters words that are close misspellings of words found in one or more product title or code, the product or products will included in the results.
Enable Search Refinement Select this check box if you want visitors to your site to be able to use search refinement features. These enable search results to be filtered by various criteria to make finding specific products simpler. 
Enable Search Refinement On Category Pages By default, when you enable search refinement, it is only displayed on the Search results page. If you check this box, search refinement will be available on category pages too.
Enable Search Refinement Result Count of Category Pages Select this check box to display the number of refinement results found on category pages as well as search results page.
Show Search Refinement As Dropdowns By default the criteria used in search refinements are displayed as links. Check this box to display them in drop-down menus instead.
Manually Code Search Refinement In Template If you want to manually code the search refinement links or drop-down menu into your template rather than use the default location, you can  check this box. (This is intended for advanced users only.) 
Enable Partial Word Searches

If you want customers to be able to enter part of a word in the search box  and return all results where this partial word is found within the product name, product code or keywords, select this check box.

Note that if a search term is found at the beginning of a word it will be returned whether this variable is set or not. For example, if someone searches for "hat" then "hatbox" will always be returned.

Enable Searches in Description Field Select this check box if you want searches to include product descriptions as well as product titles and code. Note that the Product Descriptions Short, Features, Technical Specs, Extended Information or Product Description Above Pricing fields are never searched. 
Hide "By Manufacturer" Filter In Search Refinement This variable is only available if Search Refinement is enabled. It allows you to hide the By Manufacturer menu and use only the By Price menu, or you can turn both off and use a custom menu.
Hide "By Price" Filter In Search Refinement This variable is only available if Search Refinement is enabled. It enables you to hide the By Price menu and use only the "By Manufacturer menu, or you can turn both off and use a custom menu.
Link To All Pages of Search Results

If a search returns multiple pages of results, navigation will be enable by a text box displaying "1 of n". Here you can enter a page number to jump to that page of results.

If you check this box however, this will be replaced by links to each page of results.

You should go to Settings > Maintenance and click Rebuild Search Index after activating or deactivating search variables.