Volusion Channel Partner Program

The Volusion Channel Partner Program is for businesses, freelancers, and web agencies who build stores on behalf of their clients. We offer flexible compensation options which allow our partners to earn revenue while providing their clients with best-in-class ecommerce services.


Become a Partner

To apply for the Volusion Channel Partner program, click here.

Reseller Guide

As a Volusion Reseller, you'll have access to a discounted pricing structure for monthly hosting plans and select Volusion services. You will bill and support your clients directly while receiving a dedicated Partner Account Manager and priority technical support.

Discount Structure

Volusion Services

Need help with a project?  Let us do the heavy lifting.

As a Volusion Reseller, you can utilize Volusion's design and marketing services at a discounted rate. Whether your client needs a simple template design or an extensive SEO campaign, Volusion Services can help!

Partners receive discounts on the following services:

Premium Templates $180 (original price) $30 off
Custom Design

Starter 10% off
Growth and Advanced 15% off
Design Add-Ons (a la carte)

Premium 15% off
Regular 20% off
Marketing Custom Services* 20% off
SSLs (based on reseller level)

Level 2 25% off
Level 3 30% off
Level 4 35% off

*Minimum six month commitment

To view all available Volusion services, click here.

To purchase Volusion services, contact our Partner Team.

Reseller Purchasing Instructions

To purchase a hosting plan as a reseller:

  1. Go to the Volusion pricing page.
  2. Click Sign Up under the appropriate hosting plan.
  3. Enter a domain name and SSL information for the store.
  4. Click Continue.
  5. Once you've confirmed that you have the correct hosting plan in your cart, click Proceed to checkout.
  6. At the top of the page, click Log in. In order to receive the partner discount on the order, be sure use the email address associated with your partner account.
  7. Enter your payment details, then click Place Order.


Referral Guide

When you participate in the referral program, you'll earn a recurring commission for clients you refer to Volusion. Commission is 20% of your client’s monthly hosting plan.

Commission Requirements

Once the store is purchased and remains active for 30 days, you will begin to accrue commission for the life cycle of the store.

Commissions are paid out on a monthly basis.

Create a Referral Lead

To register all new customer leads, please use our Lead Registration Form. Be sure to include your Volusion CID number (Customer ID) on all referrals so that we may correctly manage your commissions.

Upon receiving the customer information, your Partner Account Manager will follow up with the customer to assist with their purchase. If you do not want us to contact your customer directly, please indicate in the Additional Comments field, along with any other important customer notes.

If requesting a Free Trial, the trial will be created under the email provided for your client, and any automated correspondence from Volusion will be sent to that email.

Manage Commissions

Volusion has partnered with Ambassador to help manage your customer referrals and commission payments.

To get started, Log in with your email address and password. Your temporary password was emailed to you by Ambassador; be sure to update your password within your account settings after logging in.

To access your profile, click near your username on the top right to reveal the account button. Enter your preferred payout method. We will be managing all payouts via PayPal, Amazon gift card and Dwolla.

Click Save Changes.


Volusion Experts

Volusion Experts are experienced Volusion partners with expertise in ecommerce design, marketing and development. Our Experts page gives these partners the opportunity to market their services to our merchant base, and serves as a great resource for projects that require customization.

Experts Services include:

  • Data Migration
  • Custom SQL Development
  • Custom Integrations
  • Store Setup / Management

To view all Experts and Expert Services, click here.

Interested in becoming an Expert? Learn more.


Mirroring Instructions

A mirror is an exact copy of all of the store data (minus the customer credit card information) from one account to another. The fee for a mirror is $49, however if the mirror is part of a new store order the mirror fee will be waived. Also, the new store or store to receive the mirror, must be able to accommodate the number of products on the store to be mirrored.

  1. Log in to your MyVolusion account.
  2. From the menu on the left, click Create a ticket.
  3. From the Category drop-down menu, select Billing.
  4. From the Service drop-down menu, select Online Store.
  5. Complete the ticket message using the guidelines below:
  6. If the store is being mirrored to a partner account, both the partner and the customer will need to log into their individual accounts and submit separate tickets to billing with the following verbiage:

    Ticket from Partner "I accept the mirror from [DOMAIN NAME] to [DOMAIN NAME]."
    Ticket from customer "I approve the mirror from [DOMAIN NAME] to [DOMAIN NAME]."

    If the store is being mirrored from a partner account, both the partner and the customer will need to log into their account and submit a ticket to billing with the following verbiage:

    Ticket from Partner "I approve the mirror from [DOMAIN NAME] to [DOMAIN NAME]."
    Ticket from customer "I accept the mirror from [DOMAIN NAME] to [DOMAIN NAME]."

Once the tickets have been submitted, our processing team will review the request and send over next steps or additional information.


Transfer of Ownership

To transfer ownership of a Volusion store, please complete the following steps:

New store owner

Go to the Volusion pricing page and place a new store order. Note that the hosting plan you select must be able to accommodate the current store's product count.

In the Order Comments field on the checkout page, write: "Transfer of ownership, please mirror [INSERT DOMAIN NAME]."

Current store owner

From your MyVolusion account, create a ticket with the following message: "I, [OWNER'S NAME], would like to transfer ownership of [INSERT DOMAIN NAME] to [NEW OWNER'S NAME]."

Note that the current owner will be responsible for any monthly hosting plan fees up until the transfer is complete.

After the transfer is complete, it can take up to 24 hours for the system to update. During that time period, your new store may only be accessible on its temporary URL ("servertrust" address). Once the system finishes propagating any changes, the new owner can go live on the domain name.

Transfer of Ownership FAQs

What happens to the store's email accounts?

All email accounts associated with the current store will be deleted during the copying procedure. The original owner should independently archive all important emails before the new owner places the transfer order.

The new owner can set up new email accounts after the copying procedure has been completed.

Can I keep the store's current SSL certificate?

The original store’s SSL certificate cannot be transferred to the new store. The new owner is welcome to add an SSL certificate to the transfer order, or to purchase one from our website at a later date.

Current processing time for Volusion certificates is up to 3-5 business days. Please be certain the domain registration’s WHOIS contact information is updated to reflect the new ownership.

Will the store use the same domain name?

If the new owner intends to operate the store under its current domain name, the original monthly hosting plan will be canceled automatically so that the data can be copied.

If the new owner intends to operate the store under a different domain name, the current owner must cancel all services manually, including the hosting plan. Further cancellation details are available upon request.

If the new owner also wants to take possession of a Volusion domain name registration, please let us know so that we can instruct you further.

What happens to stored credit card data and unprocessed orders?

Due to PCI DSS guidelines, saved credit card data on customer accounts cannot be transferred during the copying procedure. Consequently, unprocessed orders on the original store cannot be processed on the new store. For this reason, we recommend placing the existing store in maintenance mode prior to the copying procedure to prevent the acquisition of new orders that cannot be fully processed.

Can I take ownership of a preexisting merchant account (Volusion Payments)?

If the current owner has a Volusion Payments account, it cannot be transferred to the new owner. The new owner is welcome to apply for a separate account.

Note that the original owner must cancel their own Volusion Payments account by submitting a ticket to Merchant Services Support.



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